Flatmatters TGM Jam

Good times yesterday at the Flatmatters TGM jam in West Norwood, London. Thank you to everyone who showed up, and brought their own flavour to the event. Approx 20-25 riders showed up at the legendary TGM riding spot, the weather held out on us, rain was forecast, but the wind held it off until 6pm. Jason Forde brought along a generator and sound system for the day, which was awesome!
Phil Dolan utilised the area better than anyone, smashing the “flatmatters” challenge and earnt his pint of beer with the sickest nose manual i’ve ever seen, pretty much the whole length of TGM give or take 20ft. As technical as flatland has become it is sometimes the more simple concepts that amaze me, this nose wheelie, along with his backwards nose wheelie, showcase what TGM is all about. (check that out in separate post!)…
Thanks to James Smith taking the time to document some of the action from the day!
It was great to see the progression of emerging riders in the UK scene, Andy Hale and Yinka spring to mind. This may well have to become a annual event, so look out for the next flatmatters jam next year…

When I arrived around 11am, the mile was full of kids playing football.

Jason Forde on hometurf…

TGM sessions going down…

The rain held off till 6pm, then we hit the pub. Nuff banter in the pub as usual.

9 thoughts on “Flatmatters TGM Jam

  1. Nice filming by clicky freewheel man J.Smith see Brandon you can ride flat on a street frame haha ,seemed like the Phil Dolan show to me what with the 2 previous videos of him guess he likes the attention and the slight gradient i see there making it easier for rolling tricks ,not into clones but the little guy with tight white jeans at 1min 20 doing that Adam Kun backwheel spin trick was good guess as was guy with red grips doing that Raph Chiquet back wheel thing ,be nice to see more unknown riders give them a chance to shine guess its who your friends with that matters, but a good bit of filming none the less.

  2. Gutted i missed this work commitments never ending i did plan on going but gotta make money although i’m not a big fan of that place and the surface i’ll be at the next one whenever it is ,hey whens Phils 40th jam E ? makes me feel slightly younger at 43 now haha looked like a great day ,gotta love Andy Hale guys impressive back wheel stuff is rad and Steve Greens combo’s on the front and back awesome stuff jedi moves ,was Mario there ? not seen or heard from him in ages.

    top filming from James 🙂

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