Flatmatters Updates!

Kurt over at http://www.bmxunion.com has been helping me out the last day or so add a few new lil’ touches to the site. Take note you can track conversations easily with the “Recent Comments” on the right hand side, and also a facebook and twitter like and share feature, and easily like the FM facebook page on the top right hand side, let me know what you think?

4 thoughts on “Flatmatters Updates!

  1. Cheers Jeremy! Ilyas, Yes I update both! The main one that is i’m starting to push has the logo up on the right hand side of the site. I was trying to create a fan page with the other one, and didn’t really work.

  2. Yes! Been waiting on this progression on this site; love that the comments can be tracked and it’s like a little reminder when you see someone posted on topics.

    Any way it can be shown with a time stamp perhaps?

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