Flatware comp in Luton this weekend!!

“So people have been asking wha gwan with this ting? Well here are the details. If you type in; Park Street LU1 3EP into google maps (I tried, but I’m not internet geeky enough to get a photo). You will find out where it is in relation to…the rest of the world. Its a 10 minute walk from Luton train station into the town centre. Above is the picture of the spot. The ground is cobbled, but hold on before you get all ground pretentious. We are getting hardboard to cover the spot so, all will be good my friends. Were the stairs are will be the DJs on a small stage and you my flatland buddies, have the rest to play on. Looks good huh?

Well, this all depends on how many people turn up. However it will run something like this for both Ams and Pros;

2 x 2 minute runs from each rider until we get into the top 3 where riders battle it out for 1st 2nd 3rd place pulling out all the stops. Simple huh? Well, no point making it complicated. Afterparty so mans can get liquered up?

Well there is one if you want to go, but I’m not allowed to have my own now, the university have decided to have one big one with some random bob DJ…great!”

See you all there-flatmatters!

24 thoughts on “Flatware comp in Luton this weekend!!

  1. As said on facebook I'll be there with the one and only random rob! I hear whitey is going, I presume the tgm locals, lee Wilson, aleks and his crew, any new faces??

  2. if you are battling james at this jam watch your bike..when u are not looking james may well sabotage your ride in a number of ways including pin in tire,random cigarette butts in odd places,stashing drugs in your pegs and getting you arrested just before your run,or some simple police brutality,dont be intimidated by his tattooos either they are just for effect

  3. Ha ha, always jokes with you and james.. I'll be at the comp as i beleive most of the TGM guys will. James has no choice in the matter , he lives just down the road from me so is on route to Luton. I'll drag him out his house, them big muscles don't scare me…

  4. yea forcast is a bit sketchy howard, odd showers saturday and bad rain sunday, i'm gonna risk it,what do the weather people know, was michael fish right when he said " don't worry there won't be a hurricane "…..

  5. Weather technology is far more advanced than in 1http://www.metcheck.com/V40/UK/FREE/tomorrow.asp?zipcode=luton987 Stu .

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