14 thoughts on “FlatWebTV – Jean Francois Boulianne Interview

  1. I agree with E, JF is always full of positive energy; flatland needs more people like him!

    Flatware was a perfect match for him, and it’s awesome to see someone that’s worked hard at travelling and attending contests before he had a sponsorship, get supported so he can continue what he loves doing.

    Pumped to see him in a few days in Toronto, where I’m sure he’ll be killing it.

  2. I agree!

    Also, I think this weekend will be the first time the whole Flatware team (Terry, Matthias, JF, and Chase) will be together.

  3. JFB is one of the nicest guys ever everytime me and my crew see him he comes to us and says hi and even remembers all of our names. Best of look to this guy 2013!

  4. Awesome, makes me wanna go ride right now.

    I wish guys like JF had full sponsorships with pay and travel. Oh well, thats another story. Keep being positive in life and you will get so much out of it, thats what JF is great at!

    Much Love!

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