FlatWebTv Presents: Ares – 15

Today we are excited to bring you the first of many projects with FlatWebTv. In the future you can find the in depth perspectives of FlatWebTv you have come to expect here with in the bounds of The Community Project. We will be collaborating with Anthony Buglio to bring you a fresh look into the Flatland society and beyond. So to start things off we would like to present to you “Ares – 15″.

“In 2014, Ares Bikes is celebrating its 15th anniversary. To commemorate the past 15 years, York Uno redesigned the Ashura model, updating the frame to modern standards while paying attention to the unique details that made the original Ashura frame so popular. We sat down with York at Ares Headquarters…”
Anthony Buglio

4 thoughts on “FlatWebTv Presents: Ares – 15

  1. Great video!! Before watching it I thought it will be annoying if that’s only “free” advertising for the last Ares frame, but that’s turned out quiet good!
    On a side note, York Uno seems very tired. Hope he has a good wealth.
    And I am very surprised to see somebody like him not able to speak in english a little bit after all these years since he began to travel.. He can do great flatland tricks, something that requires talent, the capacity to focus and great patience, but he apparently never took the time to learn english in order to said some plain and understanded sentences.. That’s less hard to learn a language like english than shredding in flatland. Everybody has his priorities I guess..

  2. York is so DOPE , loved his riding since he first went to the second Burning Bike comp back in 1999 ! Thanx Anthony and York/Ares bikes , on a side note , my boss at work used to ride a yellow Ashura frame , a 2002 version , he grew up riding with Diego Tejada ! He has an ARES BIKES TATTOO and guess what he named his second son……………………he named him ………ARES !!!!!! I kid yall NOT !!!!! That’s how STOKED he is on Ares bike co. , his name is Adam Garcia and does some mean no handed crackpackers !

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