Flat&Wind Contest – Zaragoza, Spain / 28th September

Remus Simion got in contact with some contest news., if you are looking for a contest to hit up abroad. How about the Flat&Wind Contest in Zaragoza, Spain? Details below…

Second edition of the Flat&Wind Contest in Zaragoza, Spain.

The inscription to the contest will provide the riders with accommodation for two nights (27th and 28th) and also entry and discounts at the afterparty.

The contest will have two categories, Amateur and Pro. There will be prize money for the Pro podium and bike parts for the Amateur podium.

On the 27th there will be a pre contest Jam on the same spot of the contest, so everyone can try the floor. On the 28th the contest will take place with Amateur in the morning and Pro in the Afternoon.

Amateur will have 2 rounds each and best one counts.

Pro category will have a qualification round and the finals will consist on battles of two.

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