FM exclusive! Sam Foakes August 2008 edit

Check this out! Tgm Maz has just dropped this, lil bit of background…Sam wanted to show a very progressive time in his riding career,and as hes not competing this year he wanted people to see this stuff, the three links that you see back to back, they were right as Mario turned the camera on! And the 7 infront of the bar whips to halfpacker backwards backpacker out, that was on a very wet day at tgm, pissing with rain, windy as fuck, right now i’d say this is one of the most progressive edits out there. Thanks to Mario and Sam for sharing this groundbreaking time in Sam’s career. Amazing!!

SAM FOAKES AUGUST 08 from TGM Maz on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “FM exclusive! Sam Foakes August 2008 edit

  1. Sam is so focused on that hard shit its unreal!! The 7 infront of the bar whips was sick enuff but i cant believe the weather that day, it was driving rain and the wind was blowing my poor umbrella and me all over the gaff! But he wouldnt stop untill he landed it! Fukin AWESOME! Props Mr Jaffa!!

  2. Trimming the tricks down of their "fat" i.e pumping, using the turbines instead as a pump, for me that halfpacker stuff is beautiful to watch, not to mention f'ing hard! No room for error at all!
    And yes Maz i remember that day you guys filmed in the pissing rain, Sam invited me down, I looked out window and thought "hmmm 45mph winds, pissing with rain no thanks", buts its testiment to Sams dedication that he can drop groundbreaking stuff like that, under the worst weather riding conditions.

  3. I am a guy of many words, but this made me speechless to say the least. Crazy mad…Much Props. Effraim…Keep them coming!! I'm loving it…. Great stuff on the blog!

  4. 7 infront of bars whips in torrential rain and high winds is amazing! pretty intense section!!! think this section will be watched for years! sam is already sadly missed from the contest scene!

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