10 thoughts on “Forkone – 3H Stemlashes Challenge

  1. This is LAME! It reminds me of an old Leif Valin quote, “If he would do the same tricks as someone else, he’d be just as good as that person(said in that dry, sarcastic Leif way).”
    Sure, SKILLS no doubt. I just feel like I JUST saw the master do this, now I gotta sit thru the copy cats. I don’t get it, why post this❓

    • @Jones Kones – We all know who invented this trick. But I liked the realistic multiple attempts on getting this trick done, that’s why I posted it. Also not everyone in our sport is a creator, I’ve always been a fan of Forkone’s riding so I like to show what he does, and also I try not to judge to much is that original? Who did what first?, if I started doing that and that was a criteria to post I might not post very much at all, thats why I have things sections like the Must watch category. MK is a leader, that’s how its been for years, not a whole lot has changed, just as Kevin Jones was a leader.

      • Whats the matter Jevins Kones? You got proven wrong and nothing to say? Looks like Martti is the ‘Copy Cat’ and not forkone.

        This is where you admit you were wrong, that you are a MAJOR douche and that you should practice listening to others instead of flapping your ignorance in the wind.

        Besides being wrong, your whole attitude sucks. Emulation is the highest form of flattery and even IF he copied martti and not the other way around so what? Others doing your trick is showing that they respect the trick enough to think its worth their time. Nothing is more valuable than time, so when someone spends their time doing the trick then that is the ultimate ‘thank you’ that is said to the creator of that trick.

        I watch matthias ride and all I see is Frank Lukas and Jeff DeRosche’s tricks.

        I watch alex ride and I see so much influence from other riders in his style.

        Are these two riders, consistent top ranking flatlanders, also copycats for doing what others did before them?

        Not sure if your trolling, but if you are fuck you grow up. If your not, then just grow up.

  2. You don’t have to sit through anything Jevin Kones. Don’t watch the vid. Problem solved! Better yet, instead of criticizing the guy for learning some super hard stuff get out your camera and make your own vid. Douche.

  3. This is where the douche responds. Nice, why progress at all? Let’s all just do the same shit. If you notice I did give the guy props.
    Emulation, the highest form of flattery? I’ll say it again, why progress at all?
    Flatmatters is one of if not the best site for flat, I used to check it daily but had to grow up. Now I check it when I get a chance, I don’t visit any other flatland sites. That being said, Effraim I respect you for doing all this and giving the masses a site they can have an opinion about. fred, sean I ask you why do you check this site if not to see new shit?

    Ps-Name calling is VERY mature, and a sign of ignorance.

    • I’m sure you meant to say name calling is “immature” and a sign of ignorance, and I completely agree with you that saying Forkone’s progression edit was “LAME” and calling him a “copycat” was very immature and ignorant of you to do.

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