Frank Lukas – Lines

Frank Lukas – Lines from Neuland on Vimeo.

If you watch one video today, make it this amazing production where Frank Lucas teams up with Pete Schilling & Niklas Hill to document his journey was a pro rider.

“At the peak of his career, Frank Lukas was one of Germany’s most known and successful BMX pro riders. Looking back, he collected heaps of memories and worked his way up to sponsoring deals with big brands such as Carhartt WIP at a really young age.
Now, years later, we’re telling his story. A story about success, struggles, family and friends.

This film is a self-funded project and we used it as a creative playground. Thank you for watching.”

7 thoughts on “Frank Lukas – Lines

  1. YEEEESSSSSS !! Been waiting for this to drop , Thanks BIG-E / LOW CASH !! Really interesting story about Franks career , journey , progression in his riding / contests ! Just LOVING documentaries like THIS !!

  2. I’ve always been a fan of his pump turbine wheelchair links. They seem stand out in my mind every time I think of Frank’s riding.

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