Frank Macchio: Fellerose State of Mind

Documentary edits are all good with me, if anything shame this one didn’t dig a lil’ deeper into whats happening with Franks riding and his surroundings..

8 thoughts on “Frank Macchio: Fellerose State of Mind

  1. great stuff riding wise original , bro wish i could ride all day,smoking weed,drinking beer well the 1st bit anyway but me like many other people have to work 8 to 5 everyday in a skilled job for a pretty big wage to survive and pay for mortgage,bills etc as things aren’t gonna fall in your lap lifes what you make of it and i’d rather have money and a career than not and i’m far from miserable haha pretty crazy not miserable think only a minority are , as in a sense i do get what you mean.

  2. This is RAD!! go back 20 years and this is how everyone rode. You rode everything and loved just being on your bike!!!!

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