Frank Macchio Flat/Street edit

Caught this edit on The Come Up, its awesome to see that Frank is getting mass exposure! Dope edit, cant get over how good his street clips are!

26 thoughts on “Frank Macchio Flat/Street edit

  1. Hate the weed glorification. Flatmatters should be a little more picky about what it spreads, there are kids and young people watching, who are looking up to the older riders in the videos.

    If you want to get wasted, thas fine just keep it out of the flatland, and out of the videos.

    • I see where your coming from Magnus, part of me agrees, part of me not, I don’t personally smoke. And have no desire to. If flatland became more professional, on a bigger scale, such as random drug tests at contests, I could see this being an issue. I’m more stoked on what Frank is doing riding wise, and prefer to focus on that.

  2. Hmm…I’m not getting the professional – drug test – side of this..

    Is influencing new\young riders towards intoxication as a lifestyle and\or in combination\symbiosis with riding somewhat linked to professional riding? And is it less of a bad thing because flatland is small? Abusing substances is a bad thing, getting caught at competition tests or not….

    I’m not on a personal crusade against smokers. Live and let live. But, when something as controversial as drug-use comes to the surface its hard not to see how it is not marketed as “cool” in videos like theese. There are other examples as well, also posted on this site.

    I am also stoked on Franks riding, it’s awesome. The focus gets blurred with the message sendt in the ending and title.

    • There have been many examples over the years magnus, that I grew up watching, i may have idolised the riding but not the smoking, 665 and half, the Dorkin’ vids, Ells Bells series, plus no doubt numerous others, I may be different but it doesn’t bother me at all. All these videos are also on the main blogs I’ve checked today…this is not exclusive to flatmatters.
      What I meant about the professional drug test point, that maybe if smoking weed was cut out of competitive competition, then maybe it would become more of an issue thats not tolerated, but its not. I agree about the title, and if you notice, I deliberately didn’t use that. Just Frank Macchio Flat/street edit.

  3. Yeah agree its a sick edit ,i saw the Ells Vids as the ultimate bike vids production wise it had everything and made me step back and look at the work that was put in never gave the drugs thing a second thought at the time i was surrounded by junkies so it was second nature.

    Not a big fan of why you gotta put weed in a vid as it defeats the object and purpose of the vid ” look at me i smoke weed scenario ” big deal each to their own but i’ve also seen close friends die from overuse of drugs so a bit of harmless herb Shayne can lead depending on the person to smack,crack and ultimately death so that comment seems a little out of touch with reality.

  4. Yeah Thong thong thong thong thong ( that was the song) but Cannabis is illegal and can lead to worse things imagine if it wasn’t drug dealers would be shooting at everyone in frustration .
    its proven in Arthuritus cases but seriously can you imagine loads of old age pensioners smoking weed to help the pain haha give me a break medical purpose my arse its there for the natural high not as a medicine we have other treatment for that ,yeah nice idea NOT.Good rider this Frank.

  5. Who is it then E ? the same dude who runs riot on Global, you gotta agree though he has a point here we are entitled to our opinions love them or hate them thats democracy.

    • I understand people are entitled to “their” opinions, thats just it, thats not Chris, so not his opinion as he already replied on this site! Chris messaged me about this topic, and his isp address is totally different. So therefore, asking people to use their own names and not “hide’ behind someone else’s name is more than reasonable. Its so reasonable, its not really a discussion at all.
      As I sit here typing this reply, I notice the isp numbers and email address both match yours Howard, as well as a bunch of other names. So theres the answer. Why would you do this though? All this stuff does do is start the “riot” you talked about happening on global-flat.

  6. How dare you thats confidential information isp number whats that ? ,i left Global Flat years ago because of the bitching i don’t even know the guy, there’s enough people hiding behind their own names on here that get to me at times but he messaged you about this topic why ?

    i won’t bother commenting on any posts from now on .

    who was Martin Aparajo then on Fise topic ? defenetely not him i’m sure of that.

  7. who was Van Homen,Kevin Jones and Andrew Farris on the FISE topic ?? imposters i say ,look Laceys getting funny again well trying to anyway.

  8. deleted again haha and the other comments are still there haha i ask myself why ? that FISE topic had 83 comments half of them were pointless yet they were not deleted it ran out of topic that one.Blinding Sun works and has a son ,incredible give him a knighthood.

    thanks for Facebook reply E as you were just online why do i bother ? you may as well delete Shayne’s comment promoting weed or is that ok within this topic ,different rules for different fools as the old saying goes.

    • Howard,

      The other comments are still here, because they post under their real names, this is like going round in circles (no flatland pun intended).

      I have replied this morning to your facebook message, when I had the time, I do have plenty of other things going on besides this petty drama you have created…..

  9. Just for CLARITY.

    I’M the real Chris Southall, you can all add me on Facebook or get me at

    and I never posted that shit about cannabis 2 years ago, and I’m 100% FOR weed use.

    dunno who’s been fucking posting as me, but effraim wants to ban their respective asses.

    LOVE. Blindingsun,

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