Freegun Announces 2013 BMX Team

Freegun Underwear has been working hard over the past few months to fine tune our BMX team so we can come out swinging in 2013. With the addition of a new team manager last August things have been non-stop behind the scenes at Freegun, and we can’t wait for the New Year with our BMX riders!

2013 Freegun BMX Team

Terry Adams
AJ Anaya
Alex Jumelin
Daniel Sandoval
Ben Hucke

Nina Buitrago
Tyler Gilliard
Sebastian Smith
Mike Gray

Victor Peraza
Kaden Stone
Bryce Tryon

Team Manager:
Fat Tony

It is really important to everyone at Freegun to support all types of riders, and Terry Adams can attest to that. He says, “I’m stoked that Freegun is stepping up once again to support the biggest flatland contest in the US this year. I’m proud to be a part of company that cares about the sport they are involved in…”

One of Freegun’s first pro riders was Ben Hucke, and he’s more pumped on Freegun than ever this year. Ben said, “I’m super stoked on Freegun, and I’m super picky when it comes to any clothing. The underwear is comfortable while riding…”

Fat Tony, Freegun’s team manager said, “I couldn’t be more excited going into 2013 with Freegun and this group of riders. All of them are obviously super talented on their bikes, but more importantly, they are all great people and awesome to hang out with! We have a bunch of videos planned, we’ll be doing lots of giveaways, and we will support a ton of contests, jams, and events throughout the year…it’s going to be sick!”

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