8 thoughts on “Freestyle5 Episode #3

  1. Amazing, cool to see Keelans vid in there ,even cooler for me is that “Homeless Trash” video (which i still have on VHS in original Homeless case) even gets a mention circa 1992 doubt if these guys were alive when this was out or half these street kids nowdays come to think of it ,Dave Parrick boxset please Dirty Deeds,Nowhere Fast etc etc.

  2. haha TRASH they forgot to mention me in there or Chase Oh well we weren’t the ones doing rails to no handers! yes that’s 20 years ago next year…..

  3. haha yeah i know John i noticed that ,these kids not jack shit about the roots of riding nowadays ,the only reason i bought Trash was for the flatland and i was so stoked on the rest of the vid when i got it i may have to watch it again later refresh my mind on how awesome it is , guess if Chase did a rail to Death Truck they may of mentioned it haha.

  4. I’m not sure if Mark or Roman were alive for Homeless Trash, but I was (started in 1986)! I’ll be sure to reprimand them for not mentioning you John! I suggested they cover the Concrete Circus video and when they saw it they were blown away. It’s geared towards the street kids but they are committed to cover all things BMX, so expect to see some flatland on Freestyle5. In fact, Mark Rainha will be putting together the edit from the Portland Summer Flatland Jam, should be up online this week!

    Glad you guys enjoyed watching.


  5. Get them to feature Rad TV early BMX Plus vid next time from 1984 reckon they were if they were born were in nappies then haha , reprimand them for not mentioning Chase as well that part alone was worth the whole video ,guys a legend .Nice work duds.

  6. I was in Homeless for 2 years back in the late 80s. Dave Parrick was a super cool dude that was also very funny. I remember this one AFA contest were he enter in Texas, Dave started in his run with the music of Sesame Street…lol

  7. Homeless wasn’t around in the late 80’s it was started in 1990 there is no Jerry on the team check the link below ,unless you meant you were homeless in the late 80’s hope you got a place to live now duds, i remember Dave Vanderspek doing his entire AFA run in 1987 on a skateboard handplants,inverts,boneless one’s , Vander did it all .i also remember Dave Parricks nickname was Frecks.http://www.23mag.com/com/homeless/homeless.htm

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