Full No handed Whip: Mazar!

As the title says, full no handed whip, sick bike control from t-dot!!! Multiples look possible, never imagined that would be possible, crazy!!!

15 thoughts on “Full No handed Whip: Mazar!

  1. hey thanks…multiples dont just look possible but are a reality…

    i just wanted to get this version on tape once and for all so i can start working on multiples…

    the first one was the most perfect one i did all day but i was pissed that i was out of frame for a part of it…
    so i tried again and was still out of frame!… lol..

    then i got one and the camera wasnt filming!!! lmao. took a while to get it right!!!….

    and the rest of the tricks are just practice tricks – i wasnt stressing about landing/ ride -ins/ ride-outs…
    just wanted to put it out there…anyways… ill get those other tricks next time!

    thanks for promoting the video on your blog!

  2. Oh yeah definitely a possibility, just saying, who would have thought it, Im still trying the no handed halfpacker whip, I suck at it, trying to see what you do, so much control, like how you carve it, I guess that gives you the setup time right, heels right in on the peg, I got few ideas, but cant get past base 1, your trick opens up a lot of doors i'm sure. Keep pushing and contributing!

  3. you dont want your heels into the pegs – thats a misconception – just like people saying that trick is an ankle killer is also a HUGE misconception…

    what you want to do is try and…let me try to explain it…

    you want to stand on the ball of your foot and you want to use your SHINS to grip the forks…both my shins have huge calluses

    basically if this is your shoe

    and the letter X is your peg

    you want it setup kind of like this


    hope that helps you out if you decide to try it….if your shins hurt – you are probably doing it right…lol…i hope you got zero offset forks too!

    good luck

  4. and you also want to try and sit on the bar – in a way..lol…i know im being a bit overhelpful but hey if anyone else wants to try it and is reading this – go for it –

    for the no handed whip – i literally have to be connected to in like 5 different places – from the the pegs to the forks to the bar

  5. Interesting advice t-dot, thanks! I got a few ideas for some new stuff I havent seen anyone do yet, as I said just need to get past base 1, i'll try your advice!

  6. I don't have zero offset forks, no excuses tho. Sam Foakes doesnt have zero offset and seems to do ok.

  7. lol. no howard its in canada. im guessing you thought it was england because of the kids playing cricket in the background??

    cricket is an ok sport, but in that park – its VERY annoying!!

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