7 thoughts on “Fumihisa Maeda – Pivot Madness

  1. Cobain roll turbine , to pivot / bar flip to QUICK double foot fork roll , pivot….AGAIN to backwards right cross Karl , pivot to switch steam…..THEN butter slipping to a crack packer , starting @ 7 SECONDS !!!! I was half asleep , logging on here this morning…….now…..Im WIDE AWAKE , after watching this guys super flowing , technical , pivoting link , haha. I ll definitely be checking up on his riding from now on . THIS is WHY Flatmattersonline.com is so dope………you get the chance to get exposed to ALOT of riders with really cool twists on their styles , combos , and HOW , like THIS guy……they link them together . I love watching all these new school , pivoting , rolling links that are the craze these days , really showcases the progression of flatland , like THIS SLLLLAAAAAAAMMMMMED DOWN combo by , Fumihisa . Its really cool . Appreciate this post , Effraim ! CORRECT , Tristan / Valance……SMOOTH as , AND very AMAZING , this dudes line , right here !

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