Gabe Weed – 43 year young edit 2017

Gabe Weed just celebrated his 43rd birthday in style in Huntington Beach, California. Hit play for plenty of awesome clips filmed at the legendary beach car park riding spot right on the Pacific Ocean. Especially loved the spinning two footed pedal forward death truck pedal overtaker out at around the 3:11! Belated Happy birthday Gabe!

6 thoughts on “Gabe Weed – 43 year young edit 2017

  1. Combo @ 1:52 was amazing!!! Actually, all your clips were incredible.
    I’ve always been a fan, but this edit really pushes!!! Props!

  2. Rider4life for sure that was awsome stuff Gabe,you was hitting trick I had not seen from you ,real cooltime machine over taker

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