Garrett Reynolds – Red Bull Edit

I draw motivation from so many different sports and cultures, one of my favourite BMX riders is this guy, Garrett Reynolds! His part in the Deadline DVD will be remembered forever, and he’s not slowing down at all, this is about as inspirational as it gets. On repeat!

11 thoughts on “Garrett Reynolds – Red Bull Edit

  1. if you aren’t inspired by that, you are dead! I’m with you, Effraim, as far as being inspired by many different things including great bmx of all disciplines. Best bike riders I’ve ever witnessed in person were Jason Parkes, Chris Day, Edwin Delarosa and this dude. They all blurred the lines and could kill it on flat ground and obstacles, alike. Control is control and, if they are riding a fully functioning bike with great control, I get amped. This edit, as far as I’m concerned, was as inspirational as it gets.

  2. first time seeing this edit (won’t be the last ) . was like the same feeling I got watching bmx for the first time when I was 6, i’m blown away . so much skill ,style and balls to ride like this. F###### UNREAL!

  3. Toms River represent! Where I grew up and started riding; our group was one of the first sets of riders there in the late 70’s. That area has produced some serious talent over the years

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