Geoff Rowley in Southsea

Anyone who knows me, will know I am a big skateboard fan, so when Geoff Rowley cruised past the skatepark tonight I was stoked like a pro flatlander was in town, motivation for flatland comes in all shapes and forms for me. Im guessing its the same for all of you reading this, but I am stoked. I cant wait to ride tommorow. Great guy, super cool to chat to one of my favourite skateboarders.

Enjoy this flick below..

3 thoughts on “Geoff Rowley in Southsea

  1. Looking forward bro his new flip videopart, he said it's his best yet. They came back to the park today as well , super friendly guy!

  2. So good, something out of this world over that videopart, like watching marrtis green quamen-era stuff. So hard and hardcore.

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