George Manos & Dez Maarsen – Red Bull Circle of Balance Qualifying

After a few days security problems getting into my own account, here are a few of the qualifying runs to decide the seeding at the COB, today I’ve posted George Manos and Dez Maarsen’s runs, hit it!

23 thoughts on “George Manos & Dez Maarsen – Red Bull Circle of Balance Qualifying

  1. George was outclassed totally here maybe get another guy to replace him and Gatt Frost or Brandt maybe ? , sick little tricks nuff skill but looked out of his depth, Dez killed it.

  2. He’s not out classed Howard those tricks that he was doing were hard and original, this contest in part has to do with entertainment value so bringing someone with a different style and someone new to the contest was a nice touch. and i love frost and his riding to death but he hasn’t landed a trick in a contest in years.

  3. he was outclassed you blind ?? should of had Percy Marshall,Stephen Hearn or Cory Fester there , George had no chance there neither did Kerry Gatt , yes its different but really c’mon these guys could off been replaced with better riders who had a better chance , controversy or not its what i see.

  4. I see george as a more progressive version of Chad Johnson. He’s bringing really new stuff to the plate, incredibly original.

    Your opinions are irrelevant and thank god your not the one running things.

    Can you go even 5 seconds without talking shit or thinking negative thoughts about people? Get a grip on your emotions.

    Not only are you insulting the riders, your insulting the board/panel that brought this amazing event, but your also insulting people like Effraim who has a very very high level of respect for George.

    Go throw your ignorant temper tantrums on the playground where they belong.

  5. Sean my opinions are my opinions so if you want to bite go ahead and bite ,the fact of the matter is Gatt and Manos were rubbish in comparison to the others its not shit its FACT so you shut up , i’m not insulting i have a view its only negative if you look at it different than me i see it as a constructive comment , so SEAN FONTEDOTNOT go play on the beach ,riders are there to take critisicm hell i’ve taken enough if they can’t take the rough with the smooth then they must be god like then , and i’m not ignorant haha you fool god i’m the least narrows minded man out there i’m a realist so if you hate my comments then don’t read them simple.

  6. i’ve known Effraim since 1986 we are like brothers so Sean you get a grip on your emotions and stop crying like a baby its really pathetic ,your wasting your time trying to bite back its in one ear , out the other and i left the playground 30 years ago back when you were an unwanted sperm in yo dads nutsack haha

  7. i have a high level of respect for my parents , does that mean i can’t disagree with them at times ??? i respect others that respect me namely my family and friends not internet turds on here like you i don’t even know so go wash your hair or do your nails or something , big girl.

  8. Hey Prasheel you should be a detective what you lack in sarcasm you make up in brains not difficult really lol , hey E hey E arselicker haha

  9. You can’t ID a person by an IP address dumbass Gopal haha there is more than one E Mail adresss so any person can change name its really not that hard to comprehend so even a clever dick like you can work it out haha , and if i’m ignorant Sean then so are the judges as they judged the riders there and then so they must of thought they sucked as well , and they did its there for all to see FACT ,

  10. God i thought the comp was sick awesome , but those two really didn’t do it for me Gatt and Manos , sorry for being HONEST , i’m only saying what others are thinking but haven’t the heart or balls to say it ,if others don’t want to give any input fine maybe i should just view the vids now and say nothing and keep the cry babies from crying.

  11. The ” thanks guys you rock” comment above is not me hahaha i don’t even use those words like ” rock ” hahaha what a stupid comment , thanks imposter. Freedom of speech advocat caio .

  12. one more thing you two Mark and Prash haven’t even commented on the video i mean whats the point of saying something with no significance whatsoever , just posting for the sake of posting in reply to me , bit sad really .

  13. i guess its not as sad as Prasheels constant obsession with me its stalker like following me around online you light up when you see my name its sad your like a lost sheep and even comments and pics of me on twitter bro get a life or get a woman or something you need to get out more , pathetic i feel sorry for you.

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