2 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Amateur of Creativity

  1. AMATEUR ????!!!!! Hes amateur like water is NOT wet , know what I mean ??!! HAHAHAHHAHAHA !! If Brett Downs is showing KEVIN JONES your riding…………..THAT speaks volumes !!! SO hyped when the ELUSIONS film track , created by Matilda Thayer , Rob TEX Thayers sister kicked it . AGAIN , original / creative riding from one of the most core riders in the game !! Giannis got me STOKED to sesh yesterday , THANK YOU Giannis for your ON GOING ORIGINAL / TECH / CREATIVE / OUT SIDE THE BOX edits , KEEP RIPPING !!!

  2. Elbow glide , switch foot to boomerang , land DIRECTLY to smith ! ONE HANDED bar flip cliff , ONE HANDED exit , etc , etc . All of this edit ruled ! Giannis is NO amateur . Hes as PRO as anyone out there , Hes one of the riders who I think M.O.C is all ABOUT……………..tech /original / difficult riding !

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