4 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Brakeless Decadez

  1. AGREED Lachlan !! Ive BEEN screaming THIS exact FACT for YEARS now , SO many MULTIPLE tricks , combos , AND variations of BOTH !!! I mean OVER 85 EDITS of all DIFFERENT sh—t , WHO does / HAS done THAT as of LATE !!! Dude probably JUST got into BRAKELESS decades …………and LOOK at all the MULTIPLE variations hes doing / has learned !! Giannis is one of the most SKILLED riders to EVER pick up a bike !!

  2. I SINCERLY feel that besides BIG E , some other riders ………….WITH a TRAINED eye / KNOWLEDGE of our sport that Giannis DOESNT get a FOURTH of the CREDIT / PROPS he deserves …………..I refer to Giannis as the OBVIOUS elephant in the bmx FLATLAND room , whose skill is SECOND to NONE , yet NOT quite acknowledged as it SHOULD / NEEDS to be !!

  3. Unbelievable, so many variations of decade, the tricks looked the same to most people but it’s not. I do believe in endless possibilities in variations of one trick. His journey is pretty amazing. The frame look awesome.

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