17 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #103

    • I hear you Valance!!Thank you my brother for sharing your love and positivity back to me..these videos are for guys like you my friend…for real.

    • Thank you Tristan,means a lot!That no handed entry to halfpacker is new to me,probably couple of months.I use the same technique as for jaffa whip…

    • Glad you like it r!!!Basically this is a collection of clips from the last 6 months that i thought would be cool to share with you guys…a couple of new moves for me in there too.Let me know IF you have any ideas for tricks and switches to pull in The mix!!

  1. I was just waiting for some MORE progression , originality from the BMX King of Greece ….GIANNIS ! More new concepts , difficult combos ! Loving the messiah , boomerang / body varial to side yard , packer , the death truck , cross ice cream pulled to forward rope death truck line , of course the double foot front yard roll , no handed to side packer , the Jaffa whips , Miami hopper floater spin , etc , etc ! Ive watched this edit twice , theres ALOT more to take in , but I just had to give respect / props right now to Giannis . Who better to dedicate an edit to Paul Osicka……..than THAT rider with……..OVER 100 edits of PROGRESSION , ORIGINALITY on a bike . Salud , campeon !

    • Gracias mi hermano!!Your kind words always push me forward to discover new concepts.All these combos youre reffering are brand new and i was sooo excited in the process as you can see!haha!There is more to come cause i have around 500 new combos already pulled these last 6 months that i run dual front brakes so stay tuned!!As for Paul Osicka aka The Wizard i can say One Thing…i tried a million times to understand how Hes doing those flapjacks and barflips in between hang 5s and i couldnt get it no matter how many times i was rewinding the standard country video!Thank you Rodney once again my brother!

  2. Over 500 new combos Giannis, wow! Can’t wait to see them, bring it on! I’m not sure if you’ve done a Dvd, but if not, maybe that’s an idea? For me, you’re 1 of the most original riders I’ve seen in years.

    • Yeah Tristan lots of new combos thanks to my brakes!ha!Stay tuned for next week…and if i had to make a dvd i would sent it to the K..I owe him!!!haha!You know Tristan that i search for originality all the time,dont you???

  3. Yes, I’ve long tried to ride differently to everyone, if not most, it’s what I’ve done since the late 80s. I’m always writing down combos & there’s lots l haven’t got down, but hopefully that’ll happen in time. You know, sometimes we’re doing something wrong in trying to progress, & it can be just a small thing, but we’re not aware of it. But, once we nail it, that’s of course the satisfaction after all our time trying.

    • Good to know your thoughts about flatland Tristan and also your personal experience for your riding.My permanent problem in riding is that the most magnificent tricks are always in front of my eyes and i cant see them…I try to be open in every possibility at my sessions to avoid that problem..Be in search of anything,Chase Gouin said once upon a time….

  4. That’s true about the great tricks Giannis. As for Chase & Kevin, I think that having that open mindset’s probably what made them so creative. I visualize my bike, when not riding & riding it ;& try and see what can be done on both sides , both wheels, and of course I get ideas seeing videos of other riders.

    • I also get motivation watching videos of other riders as well Tristan,thats why i continue the freestyler series as i already said…someone somewhere can get an idea and create on his own.Kevin. and Chase are a big chapter in my flatland life and always will be…Also visualizing your bike helps to float on it and learn even more new moves.Just got back home from session at my riding spot..

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