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    • Thank you my brother for your kind words..and you know what??Im also proud for you Valance for being authentic with your positivity back to me and understanding the purpose of my edits…really means a lot.

        • Yeah Valance that would be great! You know brother…i consider myself as an underground rider…but i miss so much talking and sharing thoughts with hardcore flatlanders that sees and respect bmx flatland like is the only sport in the world…thats the way im thinking about ground tricks!

          • Hey Valance i will contact you soon about the inbox thing…i must figure out how will work the chat thing cause at the moment my laptop is broken and i use now my wifes phone to comment here…!!Dont get me wrong my brother because i hate the whole internet culture that i see nowadays from my generation not only….i think i said it again,God bless flatmatters and Effraim for you might never saw me otherwise…

  1. THIS makes two of us , Valance !! I was literally juuuuuuuuust talking to Adam Guild on the phone Sunday …….our topic ? The 3 most skilled riders who do get their props / respect from the flatland community ….buuuuuuut how I feel that in a small way……….theyre still being slept on / need to get even MORE credit ,as theses riders are seriously super creative ,and are pushing the progression of the sport in ways that the average untrained eye doesn’t really see or even realize . YOU , Giannis …..ARE one of the dudes I was talking about , while Adam brought up Lindsey Lakaee Bode . I mean ……bruuuuuuuuuvv…..I just got back from the Flatland Voodoo Jam , couple weeks ago , and your second , third line in this edit……..could have EASILY had you breeze through to the FINALS ! No joke , campeon . As Big -E stated in the description …..this is one of your dopest edits to hit the web , I agree…..youre just ripping with these fronts , taking full advantage of the numerous avenues / routes that your variations , combos can and WILL travel using them ! So stoked to wake up to this NEW edit this morning , bruv . Gonna be re-watching this a bunch. As Ive said a thousand times over……..I really don’t understand just how you’ve maintained your progression on your bike AND creativity …….while running your very own business , family life and other commitments ……since 2013 !! No wonder you received the life time achievement award medal from Effraim / the flatland community . Please KEEP this series going and SLLAAAAAAAAMMMING out the freestyler agenda , Mr. Caternellis .

    • Gracias mi hermano!The feedback i get from you Rodney and the rest community ofcourse drives me to explore more unseen teretories of flatland…

        • Thank you Adam,honoured for saying that…my feelings are mixed moments like this now cause i get so much respect from all around the world and especially America,the mother of flatland…on the other hand,flatlanders in Greece didnt have any good thing to say about me…always talking behind my back cause noone had the guts to speak in my face…

          • How you feel about people in Greece is exactly how I feel about people in America.. You should be in Doses 8. I am currently finished with it, but I will reedit it if you would be in it. Let me know asap.

  2. @ 2.43 minutes in your edit………….cross ankle death stall , pick up to left cross elephant glide , jump through / over the frame to switch hand fork roll , to whipping the frame back to exit ……..too technical , AND that WILD STYLE first line …THIS REALLY caught me off guard / shocked me , haha……. your insane , .standing up Dizz Hicks forward roll / grind , WOW …..these are some of my favorite gems while watching this rad edit of brand new combos from you. Really gotta take all this in later today . Gracias , Giannis ……THE bmx KING of Greece .

    • Its been a couple of years since i first thought of that trick in the begining of this edit here but never really gave it any try..Upside down barride or peg ride??How should i name it my brother?

    • Just watched an interview on youtube of Dizz Hicks saying ‘we call it freestyle because we do what we want to do,like it or not…this is what you get’.I couldnt agree more with Dizz!!!What can i say,the guy is a legend….

  3. Was just thinking about when your next edit was coming out, & here it is. I like the cross footed steam>1/2 packer, but maybe you’re going to need a grip & bar sponsor Giannis for those upside down bar grind/slides, shall l call them, joking. Great riding Giannis. Ever since I first saw your riding, I was and still am impressed. You’ve great vision & imagination and as Rodney said, an untrained eye wouldn’t see what you’re achieving.

    • Hey Big E you asked me on email if the next step is to jump to backpacker from the darkside whiiplash…i was thinking about pulling double but yeah going to backpacker a la Faris style would be cool,will try that for sure!!Many thanks for the motivation and keep riding hard Effraim,shootout!!!

  4. Woah! His tricktionary is seemingly endless. Whats also impressive are the Greek riding spots. Like damn, really? From what I’ve seen between Giannis and George Kikos, how many other premium flatland spots lie within this country? Always in awe of the riding, and the riding surfaces/architecture from other riders and countries. Thanks for shredding, thanks for sharing.

    • Cheers BZ,thanks for the comment!The truth is that i am blessed with marvelous spots near home and only marble ground!funny thing is that noone bothers me in these spots,the pedestrians dont even look at me and security guards leave me alone…

  5. Awesome video as always, but this one had some extra great ideas – those darkside slides were so good. Years ago – like late 80s, I had heard that someone had little bearing wheels on the end of their bars and did an upside down whiplash sort of like that. I never saw any pics, videos, or even other accounts of it. I didn’t expect to see it someday sliding on the floor! Amazing, and keep on riding Giannis!

    • Thank you very much Scott for your intresting …and dont be fooled that im sliding…i actually run small sealed bearings on my bars for these particular 2 tricks and dont think that came easily,i had some gnarly crashes during the process to pull them….there is no way someone could slide those tricks without bearings!

        • It is slick as hell Scott but i ride that floor for 8 years now and im used to that fine.I have come up with lot of new tricks and variations using the bearings,in fact i learned hitchhikers back in 1998 dropping the bike in front of me and jump on the bike while rolling on that tiny wheels!!!Memorable moments ….

  6. Incredible as always Giannis! Watching your clips expands my mind to see new variations I can try as well. So inspiring! Well deserved comments from all the other riders too. Love the “Darth Sidious” Move!

    • Here you are Sean!!! I knew you would be excited with this new edit that consists different and new tricks..you can try anything you want from this video i guarantee i had lots of fan pulling those i know you will have too…As for the Darth Sidious,just go for it!!Adam Guild is the Godfather as he gave it the name!!hahaha!!Thank you Sean for the push,next week another new freestyler edit….

  7. After watching you riding Giannis again, l read the comments. Sorry Giannis & Adam, that you’ve experienced people talking behind your backs. It’s unfortunate that this happens, but they way l look at it, you’re better off without them. And at least you’re still progressing, which’s of course 1 of the reasons we ride. & the reality’s l think in every sport, there’s going to be those that are seen as cool or more popular than others. I thought many years ago, l ride for myself. If people like it, they do , if they don’t, it doesn’t matter to me. And l just remembered Dizz Hicks standing on his front pegs, upside down. It was the era when we were exploring new positions.

    • Of course Tristan we are better without them cause we just want to progress and some people don’t like that…I just have a thought of how in the name of Lord I get such respect from Canada,USA,Brazil,Australia,Japan,Europe and so on and in my country I was the copycat of Martti,as they were saying…and imagine that this whole thing was started by guys who were dressing like Paul Osicka,doing tricks of Paul Osicka,had the beard of Paul Osicka,had their bikes like Paul Osicka,act like Paul Osicka….but Tristan you see…I believe the time was on my pace and justice delivered right here right now sawing who has progressed and who has done nothing…..God bless you folks and flat matters….

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