Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #105

Giannis Caternellis missed the deadlines for Doses 8, so Freestyler #105 is Giannis’ missed part from Doses 8 which we posted last week. Really like the darkside variations Giannis is developing at 00:13 and 6:12, and as ever a huge trick bag. Enjoyed this one and I am sure you will do also….

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    • Yes my brother I did it again like Britney Spears!!!ha!Bad joke I guess…which link did you like most Valance from this edit???

        • Ahh that front wheel combo in the mall,its the oldest link of the video,probably November 2018 last year right after I put dual front brakes..really digging at switches that type and are very fun to pull.its some of the most progressive periods at the moment for me cause brakes brought back lots of ideas for new tricks and links after riding for a year brakeless…also lot of riders used to ride that spot in the mall back in the day but nowadays I’m the only flatlander who is allowed to ride there!!!

  1. Ti kanis Giannis, pos esai? I Googled Greek but it’s not very good lol. After watching you in upside down position this time’s when l realised you did an upside down whiplash. That’s awesome! I actually saw this edit 2 days ago l think, on YouTube & commented. It was by accident l saw this on Youtube and like you, am not much into social media. And you’re the first person l’ve seen get into backpacker g/turns from steam rollers. Your riding’s slow, but there’s nothing wrong with that, you’re smooth and in control. Thanks for the edit.

    • kala eimai Tristan euharisto,esy eisai kala??ahaha!feels so weird that we communicate in greeklish!!haha!the translation in Google was correct,of course!you meant by that ‘what’s up Giannis?how are you doing!ha!thanks for your interest my man,I’m doing fine.Just came back from a rainy session.Pretty rare for Greek climate..I saw your comment on YouTube and cheers dude I’m very pleased by your words…the channel is a friends of mine who makes my edits but don’t worry I’m watching EVERYthing even if I don’t have any social media..

      • I’m trying to figure out that steamroller to backpacker gturn you’re reffering…can you please explain me in what part of the video it is??seems like my mind is slow not my riding…ahahaha!!!

    • Ahh Tristan now I got it!You mean that link which I wear a red beanie on my head..i went from a Jaffa whip into half packer g turn to backwards backpacker and out.You may also watch that link in Freestyle #101 in 5:05 around where I get from half packer g turn to backwards backpacker to half body switch to cross footed hitchhiker out…I think you’re gonna love it as you like that switches like me also!thanks again for checking my mate!!Euharisto!!

    • Thank you Jimmy for watching and glad you enjoyed.Sorry for asking just curiousity,are you a flatlander??and where are you from??

        • Yeah bro, been around a while, mostly MIA during the 90’s 2000’s due to injury, I’m about to go hard on this. Thank you for your reply.

          • its OK man!just watched your conversation with Nick Watts that’s where I got you’re Australian and a rider…sorry for hearing about your injury.hope everything goes well…just wanted to share with you as I read your chat with Nick that I had in the past a similar situation such yours guys…In 2000 I entered my first contest here in Greece which I won.It was that time when I started to hung out with riders around Athens,the capital of Greece,and having sessions on a daily basis with everyone who was riding flatland.Soon I realised that a lot of those guys were cursing at me behind my back and the irony was that those guys pretending that were buddies with me and praying how good I was in flatland and stuff like that…I tell you these because from 2010 which is ten years now riding completely alone I feel very confident that I’m doing the right thing and took the right decision to go away from those snake attitudes.The only thing matters now for me is to share my riding with you folks who are riders who love flatland like me…it may looks kind of selfish to ride alone and just uploading edits every week but you know…I really think flatland is a lonely sport and you have to cross your own path to do it your way…the right way.That’s my opinion in the end and I will be happy to hear everyone’s opinion because that’s freedom,that’s flatland…

          • Thank you mate, some might see it as I’m having a go at nick but actual fact I’m not, it’s about saving a scene we all love, who wants to hear the Melbourne flatland scene is over? We need new blood and to do that, riders like nick watts Brett mason Tristan carver, should be on the scene, I can’t force them to ride but if they’re going to ride it would be nice to ride together, I’m sure you regret those guys trash talking you and it would’ve really hurt you, I do need a chill pill at times because of my injury, but I try to explain to people that I’m not being aggressive, I also grew up in the worst neighbourhood in Melbourne, these guys know where I’m from but that don’t define me. I don’t ride alone, I ride with grant cruise, and a few other awesome guys, if you ever come to Australia mate, know we have your back. I for one won’t let it die, I think it’s time for flatland to get some attention in Melbourne, there are so many skate parks etc but flatland is one of the oldest styles in bicycle, it started before racing, it all started when someone, I don’t know who lifted that front wheel of the ground but thank you. And here we are now. What an amazing journey all is rider have had? We got to see the evolution and be apart of it, wether you’re pro or beginner, it’s you and I and them who have evolved the sport by just being apart of it. Everyone adds their part in some way but some are just out for Fame and respect, I could go on and on and on, yeah some of us aussies can really talk. I’ll save some for next time mate. Good read cheers, jimmy

          • I have a strange theory about flatland,which I will explain with details some other time,that flatland is progressing so fast that it will die very fast…flatland is very young like 40 years old and look where it is right now with all the crazy tricks happening around the world….in 100 years flatland bmx will disappear from the earth….So Jimmy don’t worry about scenes,there will be no flatland anyways!!ahahaha!Thanks for replying and for carrying about flatland…I feel you in a way…

    • Thanks mate for your comment,well I can’t do a lot of your switches!!And I remember a trick you did in your kitchen in one of your older videos where you pull a catapult and you land in caboose!!Such a crazy switch and looks sooooo awesome!!thanks Nick for getting back in action…

  2. Im literally studying THIS …..ANOTHER great edit , SO soon ,after the last one ! Cant comment …..juuuuuust yet . Giannis , you’ve outdone your own INSANE progression ….AGAIN ! Gerator roll with ZERO speed to forward rope death truck , for example !!! Campeon…….you most certainly ARE the BMX KING of Greece …..gotta watch this some more ….THEN comment , off to work for now ! Effraim …….ummm … more lil 3 question interview for Giannis ? I have 3 really cool questions !

    • Hey Effraim don’t listen to Rodney…he wants to kidnap me and flight me to the USA to ride with him all day and all night…..ahahahahahahahahahahahah!!My brother Rodney I’m joking but I wish someday I could come to Texas to have a sesh with the king of comments!!hahaha!thank you hermano for your love and have a nice day at work…

  3. I’m not sure it’s strange Giannis, that flat will die. I actually thought the same thing years ago. And you’re right in saying that the progression rate’s so fast, l wondered, where will it go. Pretty much all the ‘base’ positions have been established, sure there’s new, but subtle positional changes in how, where we enter tricks, exit tricks and combos. At various times l’ve read people on here say, ‘pumping’ has a samness to it, & switches that have been done so repetitively. Flat had to go in another direction, & that was brakeless & pumping. Yes, pumping openened up new variations & possibilities. We had some use duel front brakes, some modifying brakes, so that pulling the left or right lever, to be able to lock either wheel. .Then it was many using just the front brake, then that eventually was gone for some. Then of course, brakeless. Maybe the ‘true’ riders that will never totally get bored with getting the great feeling that only us riders get, will remain?? I don’t want to seem negative, but l’ve just reflected on some ‘facts’ ,& my opinions.The other side of my mind’s thinking about all these insanely hard & original riding. It may not die. Look at surfing. It’s been around for what, over 50 years and it’s progressed, so who knows.

    • Just saw that Tristan and in a couple of hours I’ll reply with details…I have to express it right cause its a sensitive subject…

      • When I started riding in 1991 I knew I had to climb a mountain…rumours were already spred all around that Kevin Jones did this,Kevin did that…he established things already in flatland as at that time he was the best flatlander in the world…and still is for me.Chase Gouin figured it out very fast that he should ride with Kevin to learn from first hand how he could be really good at flatland like The K…So nowadays everything you see in flatland its based on Kevin’s tricks…From the untouched tricks of Martti Kuoppa to some of the most impossible tricks of Brandon Derbowka,its all based on Kevin Jones tricks…From the hang5 full kick flip to half packer of Martti to the No hands whiplash to no hands hitch juggler to no hands whiplash out of Brandon,its all about impossible versions of Kevin Jones tricks…These 2 riders above,Martti and Brandon,are the best example of how to make the hard into impossible…In 100 years from now people want to ride flatland will had to climb not a mountain…but the Everest.And I’m not sure that folks want really or are ready to do that….

  4. You quite possibly could be correct Giannis. These tricks & combos are THAT HARD!. I showed my friend and a guy l used to ride with, Brandon’s no handed whiplashes,& they were blown away at the difficulty.

    • Yeah Tristan no hands multiple whiplashes are way HARD and as far I know no one has pulled more than double…In 2015 I pulled my first no handed whiplash,its in somewhere between my edits on YouTube.I’m in the process now of pulling double but I take it easy cause I don’t wanna kill myself and not be able to ride tomorrow!!!Last night I watched a movie called ‘The Program’ based on LANs Armstrong and his 7 titles of winning tour de France…needless to say that the bicycle union took him back the trophies because of the drugs situation.As I was watching the movie I saw a lot of similarities with flatland,the hunger for victory at contests,the money involved from sponsors,the egos and stuff like that…so imagine someone in a century from now wanting to be really good at flatland and live his mark in the sport,it will be like trying to win tour de France,the hardest race in the history of sports on earth…how motivating will be for a kid 8 years old like I was when I started riding flatland??

    • I bet you’re Jimmy right??hah!Thank you for taking time Jimmy to read my thoughts and reply.I also read your thoughts on Nicks thread and I have to say that it is very kind of you to express your fillings in public,saying your opinion no matter who will like you or not and finally apologise from everyone and from Nick for any words might hurt someone…I don’t know you man but this brave gesture seems to me a true character,a sensitive guy with real fillings who loves flatland more than himself…you have my respects dude and from now on I see you as a friend as I only wished I had friends in flatland like you…True.

  5. Hi Giannis, l wasn’t sure wether to say anything about what I’m about to say, but l’ve stayed mostly silent on this for waaaay tooo long!!!. So now’s the time & it goes back to the 80s. You see, l approached roughly 8 riders in 012 or 013 and told them, l know you talk behind my back, just as they talked behind others back’s. Not 1 of them could look me in the eye and that confirmed what I’d already known. I never went there to cause any kind of trouble ;& there’s riders that know l’ve never been a trouble maker or ever will be. For years l would go to riding spots, had a lot of great sessions. But, l went there ‘anticipating’ that they’d trash talk me. I also had a few ‘racist’ comments made in a ‘sneaky’ way so certain people they didn’t want to know, wouldn’t find out. Very convenient. I also learned that scores were changed so that a few sponsosored riders on this team, would win, or place higher. So, ever since then l’ve mostly come to riding spots not feeling too happy. And the trash talk got worse. And they wondered why l didn’t look too happy, what did they expect?? Some of the riders that have come into the scene, weren’t even around when all this crap started. Some came from other countries and just listenened to what they heard, w’out knowing me or the facts. They were/ still caught up in their own egos that they can’t or won’t see what they done to not only me, but others. This was told to me by a rider l rode with over 30 years ago. He tried to get back into riding ,& l was very happy about that. I warned him because of my experiences, but let him make his own mind up. After about 1 year, he said you’re right about them, the above mentioned, they’re selfish and don’t know how to promote flat. Disappointingly, he added, ‘he wants nothing to do with that so call crew’.He never rode with me or anyone, and said riding’s not a priority. You see Giannis, l chose to ride alone because of similar reasons such’s yours and I’m comfortable with that. I don’t trust most within riding here & as you can read, l’ve valid reasons not to. My family, a past girlfriend and non riding friends said, forget about them. Please don’t misunderstand me, l care very much about flat and I’ve said all this because l don’t want to see this happen to anyone else. I’m not an attention seeker and , the long time riders know that about me. In fact, l said l didn’t seek attention in the 80’s, but of course if l put an edit on here & it’s liked, great, if not, that’s ok to. I can’t control what others think or say about me. Finally, this has got nothing to do with how the DUG contest series was/is run, it’s not ‘just about me’, it’s about ‘caring’ about flat and the fact that it’s become ‘divided’ somewhat. It should be that, we stay united. I had 1 rider say to me a few years ago, flat needs me, yet they treated me the way they did, made a ‘deeply personal and insensitive comment’ to me. Would they, or their girlfriends, wives like it, if l or anybody else did that, l very much doubt it. I guarantee they would probably hate me.

    • Tristan, first of all I really thank you for opening your heart at me and sharing your thoughts with me and the rest of the readers…I understand you 100 percent as I am a person who has experienced such type of bulling as yours…The best advice I can give you is ‘forget about them’ as your family and close friends said to you.This is what I’m telling to my kids,if anyone wants to hurt you or curse you just stay away from him and find other friends to hung out with…That’s a mistake I did in my past years when I was hanging out with people just because they were riding flatland like me and I was expecting to be my real friends…very wrong decision and that’s the trap here,we can’t stick together because it happened to ride flat,we are all different characters and have different needs…Anyone who talks trash behind our backs is coward and snake that you definetily don’t want to be around you..You don’t need these people to your life Tristan cause only poison have to give and nothing more…You can ride flatland on your own and you know what?Riding flatland alone is better if that makes you happier because flatland needs you as they said but flatland needs you happy I will add.I need you brother to be happy and healthy because life is short and that only matters.Anytime you want to talk to someone you can comment me here in flat matters and tell me anything that bothers you and we can share thoughts to feel better..I actually feel better when I say my opinion and I know that someone on the other side of the planet understands me…We are flatland riders but first we are human beings who have soul,mind,fillings…we have to treat each other kindly and polite because if we loose our humanity the only thing that remains is flesh…and bones…

      • And to all the haters out there who don’t like that I’m saying my opinion here on flat matters and have a problem with that,I say to them that my name is Giannis Caternellis and I’m writing my opinion in public for everyone to see,with my name and surname…if you want to say something write down here on this site for everyone to see with your full name,not a nickname…This is democracy.And one advise…get a job,get a life,do something use full in your life besides watching my comments…I raise a family,I have a wife and 2 wonder full kids,I own a business which is my full time job and in my spare time I’m trying to learn as many original tricks as I can in flatland…if you have any problem with all the above I don’t care,its your problem…The bulling is over.

  6. Thanks Giannis for your thoughts and suggestions. I’ve already stopped riding with these people, for the most part of about 11 or so years. And as l previously said, I’m much more happier with that decision. I agree,we’re all human beings and should treat each other with kindness & politeness. And you’re correct in saying bullies are the ones with the problem. The first time l read 1 of your posts about your experiences in Greece, l thought, you’ve courage to stand up & not accept being treated the way you described.

    • Yeah Tristan bullies are the losers of life…and you know…flatland is a progressive sport and to those bullies I have to say that like it or not we are progressing,I am progressing the way I like…if anyone has different opinion,comment here and not anonymous…all in the light.I hate shadows…

  7. Juuuuuuust read some of yalls comments , Giannis / Tristan …..GOOD points , bruvas ! Id actually love to see ANY video of you , Tristan , being that I can tell youre a TRUE O.G. of flatland bmx , Im guess you’ve got a sweet bag of tricks , variations , links …ESPECIALLY coming from Australia , I think ? Yall have ALWAYS had dope riders , ALWAYS ! I loved the Prody bmx video series ! Giannis , DAMN RIGHT …..If I were rich ……Id personally pay for your flight to fly you over here to Texas , take / ask for 3 straight days off , just to session with you , film your SUPERB riding skills ! THAT would RULE , TIMES 7 . Cant imagine what it would be like riding bikes with you for 3 DAYS STRAIGHT ……SO MANY combos you would SLAAAAAMMM DOWN , and I d be SUPER motivated myself riding , just being in your Kevin Jones -like presence , hahaha………NOW , THIS edit !! Forward rope death truck , Dizz Hicks roll , YANK / DARK SIDE to hiker !! X-leg half hiker to side packer / yard to………KICK FLIP , a move to THIS day …..NO ONE is doing !!! Cyclone , JUMP up 360 bar flip to single kick to Cobain roll ….TECH / UNEXPECTED !! Death truck , getting out to REVERSE F-truck to rocket turbine , inside junk yard roll , drop to cross pumping ice cream , BODY varial , to stick-b / fudge packer !! KILLIN DAT BACK WHEEL !! Cliff hanger ,SWITCH to BACKWARDS staple gun roll , varial / pivot to side yard , ANOTHER one that you just DONT see coming !! ORIGINAL !! UPSIDE DOWN , messiah GRIP ROLL / DIZZ coast !!!! Talk about so MUCH more PROGRESSION , ORIGINALITY , and DIFFICULTY outta ya, campeon ………I told ya Id get back to watching this edit , and Ive been studying , analyzing it for almost a month , haha…….its ALOT to take in…….ALSO, your Karl 360 bar flip…to IMMEDIATE time machine , climb up to the most BEAUTIFUL NO handed blender …….THAT TOO…..was the icing on the Giannis Caternellis /PROGRESSIVE bmx cake .

    • Wow hermano your are a living wikipedia of flatland tricks!you explain with details every link its like im watching the combo when you type it in the comment!haha!Yeah cabrone im sooo stoked right now to have a video part together and with Adam aka Mr Doses!!!So pleased that you enjoyed Freestyler 105,more is coming amigo!Lets push it further on our lil bikes for lil doses dude…

  8. Right back atcha , Giannis !! Your progression edits are REALLY pushing / elevating the sport , TIMES 7 , as Eugene Collins would say……….TOTAL dream level moves , where a trained mind …knows NO limits as to what it can conjure up , and use the bike as a mere portal for TRUE creativitiy to be manifested !!! ALWAYS excited when ya drop a fresh new edit , bruv . Youre preaching to the choir , haha….about Adam Guilds , LIL DOSES sequel , from what he tells me ……theres a SLLLAAAAAMMMMED roster of dope riders , myself , your SUPERB riding , that are gonna make this joint hit HAAAAARRRD ,with everyone quirky , signature style of riding their bikes . Cant thank Mr. DOSES BMX JEFE=Adam Guild enough for doing / making ANOTHER ….DOSES BMX project come to light …….AGAIN !! Hes been @ this since like , ummmm , I think 1998 , with DOSES BMX video ,after video , after video , haha……youre preaching to the choir , cabrone…..lets ALL push it BEYOND for LIL DOSES , make Mr. Guild proud ! FREESTYLER 106 edit from ya , Giannis……CANT wait , my bruv !

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