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  1. that track was dope. it gave the whole thing a real chill vibe. really diggin it along with the backpacker/hiker body varial and pivot concepts. The intro one footer hiker with the bars all floaty, stable, and straight is next level. Just throwing the idea out there since at the moment i’m too far away from touching it myself. Have you ever tried to pivot/switch into another trick from the one footer hiker? Like possibly get the rear end closer to half hiker on your right side. Simultaneously let the frame swing down and infront as the left hand grabs the left grip, pull up and grab the seat (keeping the back wheel from pancake slapping the ground). Also as the seat is being caught turn your body clockwise thus getting the turbine into a backwards spinning steam position with your left foot on left inside peg and left hand on the left inside grip. Just a thought. Either way, thanks again for another dope edit G. Ride on.

    • Really thank you BZ for your comment and for your idea!yeah that music seems fitting my riding and pushes me further for new tricks.Later i will explain to you the secret for the 1 foot hitchhiker in order to pull in no time…

      • The secret for the 1foot hitch is to place your left foot closer to the spokes…step on the dropouts of the fork,literally.Also if you take notice,the sidewall of the tire is grinding on my left leg which i wear a plastic protection of a shinguard,attached with duct tape!Also i putted liquid soap from my wife’s dishes on the left sidewall of the tire that is grinding in order to prevent less traction and roll further…holding the peg with the right hand and wave the other left hand helps better for balance point.A lot of alchemy you might think but its a very easy trick to do…i dont know why was untouched for so many years.Pedro Melo opened my eyes for sure!Do that BZ on a slightly hill road and you will travel far enough on your 1footed hitch man..

        • awesome! it appears as though you are a wizard. thanks for the breakdown of tactics used to pull that one off. I never would have imagined the set up you described as what was being done to over come the leg/tire friction issue. I always thought that there was a point where the tire would roll freely, but being able to experiment enough to find that point proved to be a challenge. This shin pad set up may just be the starting point. Super rad! Man, thanks again!

          • You are welcome BZ,anytime you have a question dont be afraid to ask me anything you want!The plastic shin pad is from the inside of a haro shinguard such as like khe shinguards if that helps you to find a proper one.This patent will help you to roll it like there is no friction at all combined with the liquid soap in the sidewall on the left side of tire!! Pedro Melo hold it for 5 seconds and also myself hold it for 5 but Pedro roll it on a hill down the road and i did it in a staight level corridor…i am pretty sure if you try it BZ down a hill you can roll it even more far…its a very easy trick but in flatland always happens that…you think of a trick being easy and when you try it is almost impossible and the opposite….

    • Hey Mates thank you man!!All about those x leg tricks lately as brother Rodney calls cross footed!ha!You are a big inspiration for me Mates with your crazy riding in your edits..im about to learn cross foot guilotine and cross foot crackpacker at that time…hope to connect them in this year is coming!Have a nice session bro!Respect back to you!!

  2. Slow but your riding’s still graceful Giannis. I like the Pete Brandt jump from b/packer > hitch & the x/footed fward steam > 1/2 packer. I remember the time some looked at slow riding as boring. In time it was realised, that It’s not just about speed, but originality & difficulty.

    • Thank you mate for your kind words,means a lot…its in my nature to go against the fashion…and i choose to be slower and controled,i am sick of fast people…

    • Thank you very much Matt!!Really means a lot reading that comment from you…your riding and attitude as a flatlander is something i looked up from the first time i saw you in infinite pieces 20 years ago!From that time i got a lot of inspiration from you and i cant hide you that i have copied your tricks lots of times!That part in Intrikat flatsphere 2004 is one of the best ever coming from you and i still watch all your videos to get motivation.God its 5.00 am now in Greece and i got to go in work…your comment waked me up for real and i still cant believe you liked my riding…thank you for that Matt Wilhelm,you are a Legend.Brakes for ever baby…!!

    • Hey Lachlan my Canadian friend how are you??soooo pleased you enjoyed this edit…those footage filmed this month and i cant describe you the pain i got myself to capture it…in one of these jump switches i got dizzy and i crashed on my face in the ground.In my 30 years of flatland riding i must crashed with my face probably 1 more time or 2…my chin still pains and my mouth is a bit nump…what are those 5 worlds first you are reffering my man??i am curious!!!hah!

        • Ahh yeah i got it,thanks Lachlan!This year i gave more tension to hitch and backpacker variations and it really paid of…its a concept which seems limited but if you go deep and push it little bit more you can do new staff on a daily and for a lot of years to come…cheers Lachlan and happy Christmas holidays to you and to those you love!

    • Thank you Aaron,from the first time that freestyler series was started 5 years ago you always had something good to say and you are one of my biggest supporters since then…i really appreciate that,man…from the flatland manifesto days i was watching your floating brakeless links and i have to say your style is smooth and controlled…this is flatland dude!You are doing it right man!!Respect.

  3. Been studying THIS for a week now……….THE BMX king of Greece …will NOT be stopped , haha ! Jaffa Whips, just casually thrown in da mix ,WITH turbine back packers ! X-leg half hikers , pivoted to side packers , dropped to back packers …..BIKE flipped / varialed ,to friggin hikers ! THAT fire hydrant , bar flip to hiker …..THEN ….JUMP UP , and BODY varial , landing in a BACKWARDS back packer ….I did NOT see THAT coming , at all !! I was juuuuuuuuuust rambling about the 360 BODY varial back packer , Wilhelm nailing it…….be damned , bruv ! Hahahaha…….you just learned it / put it in this edit ! I was BUGGING OUT , when I realized , wait a sec …..hes about to pivot a 360 BODY varial , whilst rolling your back packer …..then……you DID ! Hahaha …..I was seriously explaining to my mom about ya , Giannis . About how you can do like ANY / EVERY trick AND its variation in flatland . She actually watched Adam Guilds , LIL DOSES PART 9 , film ,with me on Christmas eve ! Hahaha, no my momma is NOT into bmx , but because of the way the film is edited / put together……she actually dug it ! Hahaha…..living @ home , explaining to your mom about you doing X-LEG hitchhiker pivots on your bike, in combos ! Hahaha, too funny ! The ONE legged hiker , too SLLLAAAAMMMMMMED , indeed ! Cant believe youre actually rolling THAT move , THAT far …….WITHOUT zambonying ! Even if ya did zambony , your bars ….Id STILL think it was RAD , TIMES 7 . That is one serious move , that is as difficult as it is timeless . Its ALWAYS gonna demand respect in a jam circle , contest , anywhere ! I seriously cant believe how much you’ve learned / progressed the X-LEG , BODY varial , jump ,pivot techniques , during these side , half , and back packer lines , Giannis ! Ya had me stoked, just rolling / holding…. normal / regular back packers , yesterday ……running into my mommas garage doors , mid-packer , hahaha …..well ….Im gonna watch MORE of this edit ,and comment AGAIN , soon ……….ALSO your section in Adam Guilds , LIL DOSES , PART 9 film, was BANGING , bruva ! You were CORRECT …..you REALLY did save some CRAZY moves for it ! Gotta study THAT section ,also , along with THIS edit ,haha….. It was an HONOR being in the film with YOU and EVERY rider involved …….now ……..BACK to this edit of yours……………….

    • Gracias cabrone!So stoked with you homie you loved this edit along with Lil Doses!!You delivered timeless staff and i was buzzing watching you my man!Gonna comment again later,back to lil doses for now hermano…

      • Giannis can literally do anything.!! Rodney always tells me he wishes he had my tricktionary…I wish I had Giannis tricktionary!!!!

        • Thats a huge compliment from you Mr.Doses!!Freestyler 107 is all about classic moves with a couple of original switches in there…and i wanted my part in Lil Doses 9 to be more about my signature moves and my personal style…gracias again Adam for your love to flatland and giving back to the sport with your full videos that will stand the test of time…Respect.

  4. Props Giannis! This was maybe my favorite edit of your yet, so much great stuff! Love those pivots in the full hiker/packer position. And, thanks for the tips above on the one ft hiker! I had no idea how it was possible. On a similar note, how do you keep the frame up on a no handed steamroller? I seem to recall you did some variations of that back maybe around the Freestyler 30-40 era.

    • Hey Scott whats up??Thank you man,those couple last Freestylers have tricks that i really enjoy to pull and have watched from others as well…Martti,Viki,Mates,Bruno,Dylan are some of the masters of this style.I just put my own twist on these tricks and try to came up with combos ive never done.The 1foot hitch is something i have done lots of years ago but not that far…watching Pedro cruizing it on a hill made me think that somehow i can figure out to hold it longer and roll more metres or feet as they say in the US!!Now for the no hands steam,i have a lot of variations for it but the closer that springs to mind is the one that i lean forward my body and hold the seat with my chest…is that Scott you remember from 30-40 freestyler era??

  5. It sounds easy maybe but its so HARD in the process…let alone the crush on a high speed rolling trick with your leg tied on the bars…

  6. Damn , Giannis this edit is STILL stoking me ! Core -degree of DIFFICULTY best describes these links . This edit got me thinking this morning………why don’t YOU send Effraim a progression clip for the newly RE-upped exclusives column ! Its no secret that ya progress on the daily , sooooooooo…………hell , bruv …B.Z. , and I are gonna join da party , haha……youre up there with Berkel and Brandt , campeon…….so YOU should DEFINITELY send Effraim a lil clip ! Ya learn , like 6 tricks a day , after work , haha , so it WONT even be that big of a task for ya , bruv ! I , for one would be STOKED to see it . Berkel and Brandt already blew my mind with their clips………YOUR turn , Jefe !!

    • Just saw your comment hombre!Yeah that exclusives with Pete and Sietse were dope.Since its not depends on me for the edits i post cause i give my footage to a close friend and makes my edits,its a bit hard at the moment…will try the next days to upload a new edit with new things i worked during winter time.And as we say in Greece :the good thing always comes late…hahah!Be patient cabrone and you won’t be disappointed!!Thank you for your constant interest to my thing amigo,you rule!King Rodney!!

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