Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #24

It’s that time for Giannis Caternellis’ weekly progression update, and it stands this is episode 24 in his Freestyler series! Really liked the no handed fakie whiplash around the 2:13 mark in this one plus the miami hopper bar flip to cliffhanger ender is a nice mix of styles! Yes Giannis!

6 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #24

  1. Serious Skills. I’m trying to figure out the no handed mc circle at 4:45 ! One handed no problem, no handed my bikes hits the ground…

  2. Giannis, You constantly impress.

    I greatly appreciate the no-handed rebate. I gotta ask if you tied your leg to the bars for the no-handed whip rebate and the no handed mccirles. If so, nice idea almost warrants a clipless pedal system to engage the bars and unclip. keep up the great riding.

    Oh and the hopper to cliffhanger, brilliant!

  3. yeah its crazy the sheer volume of combos this guy puts out
    hes crazy good
    his leg is clearly tied to the bar, thats for sure. for anything one footed no handed, you can see it, but
    its freestyle there are no rules
    i wasnt that impressed by that stuff personally, its fun tho, so why not

  4. After a 2nd watch I agree with jayforde for the reason that Alex is asking. Watch the complete scenes with the ride ins and outs for those tricks it helps show his leg never leaves the side of the bar for all the no handed front wheel tricks. I think I see the tie going around his leg and bar when I paused video enough times. Sneaky! Dude still has tons of skills and is always trying different things.

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