6 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #27

  1. woOw sooooooo so good!! Surprisingly still refreshing to watch!! Tks for sharing these numerous edits!!
    and if that’s really a psyconnexion frame on the bike, not breaking it in thousand pieces, while you use it for hardcore flatland, is beyond me!

  2. Its like Kevin Jones AND Chase created a cyborg that would explore every trick , variations upon variations of that trick , front and back wheel , any position ,trying notto leave ANYTHING untouched !!!!! Im stil studying edit 5- 6 !!!!!!!! total , freestyle of the bike is what Giannis is doing !!!!!! Big E , Please interview this shredder asap !!!! I can think of 7 questions off the bat !!!!!!!! That side yard – leap over bar to backwards ride out ??!!!!!! FLAVOR , right there man , freestyle flavor !!! Cant wait to sit down and really watch THIS edit !!!!!!

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