4 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #43

  1. Giannis is SO good!! every video has super tech and different trick. And he’s been killing it for so long too. he definitely deserves more recognition. Keep it up Giannis!! love the style!

  2. + 17 Joel …………………………………..Two weeks ago I sat down and REALLY watched/scanned 5-25 of his edits …………..REALLY DISTURBING how good/skilled he is , been following him since 2004 when he had a blender clip in a Flatground comp edit in Amsterdam . When I watch his edit its almost like watching a HORROR film , always shocked/scared/surprised/on the edge of my chair/almost spitting out my sweet tea ,cause I have NO IDEA what trick/variation/direction/technique hes gonna use while he on his bike . Its just like I had said before , its like KEVIN and CHASE brainstormed AND created a cyborg/human that would have a DISTINCT intention to ,as Scott Powell would say , MASTER THE BIKE , ALL/ANY tricks/techniques/variations/both wheels , etc.etc !!!!!!!! I mean REALLY , 43 EDITS OF ALL DIFFERENT combos, tricks, techniques, etc ???!!! When Giannis created his youtube channel I subscribed straight away !!!!! I STILL haven’t FULLY gone through/studied EVERY edit !!! I get stuck on just THREE of them for DAYS , AND to think hes MODEST/HUMBLE enough to consider himself NOT a PRO when he enter the B.I.T.R. video entry comp !!!! If he AINT PRO LEVEL .I DONT know what is !!!! Youre ABSOLUTLY correct Joe he does deserve ALOT OF recognition, accolades , thing is though seems like hes just CONTENT with just SHREDDING/PUSHING THE ART/ PROGRESSING ETC ……………JUST like…………….KEVIN and CHASE !!!!!! SO MUCH RESPECT for this cat for real !!!!!! HE WAS ONE OF MY VOTE in the year end awards !!!!!!!!! Props Giannis KEEP RIPPING cause Ill be watching/admiring !!!!!! ALL FRAME/CLOTHING/SHOE/ENERGY DRINK/COMPONENTS COMPANIES , ETC, ETC …………HOOK this cat up , HIS 43 EDITS SPEAK volumes WITHOUT a resume !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have not seen every video, this year,and not all 43 of his,but I thought the same thing about this guy and his edits,I have seen a few ,and everyone is long,but never the same,and I agree would put him in best edit vote ,but what I think he deserves is the top spot or some recognition, going into this master of creativity contest,or even his videos without submission ,should be considered for Quest sponsorship!!!!!
    I think ,Effraim,Kuoppa,and Quest Team should look into this guy and his Rider4life Style…..

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