Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #78

As always with Giannis Caternellis the mind is open to all styles from track stand variations through to xft, pivots, 90’s front wheel style, and much more. This is a good watch, this documents Giannis reaching 2000 tricks online in a little under 3 years. Congratulations Giannis!

8 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Freestyler #78

  1. AGREED with Valance/ E-CLIPSE-Fenton !!! My brother from GREECE rips with SO MANY tricks / combos / variations / techniques , maaaaaaaaaan Ive been STRUGGLING to catch up with his last 4 EDITS , watching / studying / analyzing !!! I haven’t even got through THIS one yet…………………..I KEEP rewinding his fire hydrant drop to X-LEG hiker , pivot BACKWARDS back packer , pivot X-LEG hiker , NAILED with ZERO speed !! Giannis NEEDS to enter M.O.C 2018 , his RIDING represents EVERYTHING that M.O.C stands for TIMES 7 !!!!! Giannis is bmx flatland FREESTYLE sans RULES / REGULATIONS / TRENDS / FOLLOWING !!!!!! Hes a LEADER !!!!!

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