4 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – No Handed Whiplash

  1. god I luv this trick! ( watching it ,that is as i’m dealing with a knee problem caused by stupidly thinking I was gonna learn a cross footed no handed whiplash- man did I go down like a sack of shit! ). also must be something in the water in Greece as there’s some sick riders all pushing themselves, keep it up guys.

  2. NO WAY , campeon !! Youve got NO handed whiplashes checked off for your VAST tricktionary, also !! I almost forgot about THIS hammer of a move ! RESPECT , TIMES 7 , bruv………2015 and THIS variation of a whiplash is still …… as R.B.X. the west coast rapper would say…….ROOOUUUGGGHH !!

    • Yeah hermano no handed whiplash was a holy grail for years to me… Finally I made it in 2015 as you mentioned and as far as I know I’m the only Greek flatlanders who can do it…. And not only that trick…. Hehe! Let’s go for double king Rodney…

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