2 thoughts on “Giannis Caternellis – Seiji Style

  1. @ 6.08 MINUTES !! Karl boomerang to backwards hang five , with a kick to go backwards to forward !! Giannis is UNREAL with ALL that he can do / HAS done on a bike !! Maaaaaaaaaan , I’m STILL digesting his LAST edit ……….and BANG , this one drops with controlled , precision fire pink , haul , bar flip turbine flap jacks ………even landed SWITCH footed , mid-line in these Seiji inspired combos !! Well done , AGAIN , mi hermano Mr. Caternellis ! THIS edit makes my morning , annnnnnnnnd just got me AMMMMMMPED to session today !! DONT sleep on GIANNIS CATERNELLIS , dude is TOO skilled on a bike-TIMES 7 ………..REMEMBER…….OVER 87 edits ……..THINK about …….THAT !!

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