Global-flat’s Martin Schulz’s bikecheck

It’s kinda nice sometimes when someone sends in an article (bikecheck) without having to ask, case in point here with Martin Schulz sent in his Khe Adamn ride, check it out, dialled!

Frame: KHE ADamn.
Fork: KHE Tanaka LT.
Bars: OG Caramel 3.
Stem: KHE Minmalism.
Bar Ends: Homemade stainless steel (bought at Flatground some years ago).
Seatpost: Infinity 330 Pivotal.
Seat: Infinity Kevlar.
Cranks: St Martin Ecoflat Pro (the mountain bike cartridge still works perfectly after all those years).
Wheels: KHE Geisha Wheelset 36H.
Tyres: Odyssey Frequency Gs.
Pegs front: KGB Control.
Pegs rear: KHE Alchemy.
Brake: Suelo.

Martin’s site:

One thought on “Global-flat’s Martin Schulz’s bikecheck

  1. Tight ride, thanks for doing this Martin! No bikechecks in a while, and sitting on two, second one will drop on monday!

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