God save flatland!! Whitey at it again!!

Mr White is working overtime to promote Level Vibes, check this out!! Awesome!!

God Save Flatland from James White on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “God save flatland!! Whitey at it again!!

  1. Excellent everything looks so effortless James is like a fine wine gets better with age a joy to watch.Gotta love the soundtrack very fitting indeed. 🙂

  2. In reply to phils comment, Theres something in the air!!! Call it late summer, level vibes, that feeling of looking forward to something, Whitey is going off. He's refining his riding, taking out the deadtime between tricks in a similar way to mr Foakes. I call it taking the fat out if the trick, and you see the trick flow on it's natural beauty. Flatland is great! Age ain't nothing but a number.

  3. Are those lights or cameras on the poles? Had to ask since it's the UK!

    Crazy how he hooks like 3 different tricks in 1 second. How old is Whitey anyway?

  4. In reply to Eriks question. I'm not sure if Sam is competing or not, he will definitely be there, if he can ride enough leading up to the level vibes I guess he will enter. Would be great for uk flat if he entered, he's the guy who's pushing it, every time he rides he learns something new.
    In reply to the comments on James, he looks after himself, that's why he's never really slowed down, and is currently progressing more than ever. Motivating to the older chaps I'd say!

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