Grassroots japanese style!

Ever wondered why the japanese flatland scene is so strong, well check this out, building up the scene from the grassroots, check the young kid at 07:52, and the double footed puppet right after, awesome!

4 thoughts on “Grassroots japanese style!

  1. This is what it’s all about riding with a smile having fun,these guys may be classed grassroots but the tricks are rad ,the young short guy on white bike is awesome must be about 8 or 9 ,guys incredible great control at such a young age,great to see.

  2. Sorry.
    I am Japanese high school student.
    I can not speak English well.
    He is 12 years old.
    He is Goshima Eitaro.
    He is my teacher.
    He is grate rider.
    This is a limit in my English.

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