Great World Championship footage from 1999-Winner Phil Dolan

Just came across on youtube yesterday, cracking footage from Juan Macion at the 1999 Worlds in Madrid, Spain, I don’t remember a great deal from this contest, the floor was like that of a building site (not in a good way), and it was so hot, all the contests ran in the late afternoon, early evening. Still the contest went off, Phil Dolan won his second world championship, Andrew Faris was on it for almost the whole contest, apart from the final run where he touched a few times, Nathan Penonzek rode amazing in qualifiers, but the spanish guys got naked before his finals run and totally threw him off. Oh and Faris famously got so wasted in the trophy ceremony, asking for the first place trophy. It’s on baco as I remember.

3 thoughts on “Great World Championship footage from 1999-Winner Phil Dolan

  1. cool footage never seen this i remember Phils GT he sold that frame to Dave Leslie had a crack in it rode that in our Croydon crew days,Love Jumelins riding prefer it to his modern stuff he had a lot of tough moves seems GT's were the frame's to have then they were short i remember that.

  2. i remember on the end of Baco 9 Farris getting wasted and getting wrestled to the ground by a naked Lionel Cardoso dude was knocking back vodka or something totally passed out funny stuff.

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