Groundtactics Day One!

Like a dream, I finally made it to Finland, home of the boss, after many years of idealising Martti’s riding, here I was on Friday 6th August in Helsinki Finland. Only a two hour flight from London, I kept thinking “how have i not been here before?”. The first thing to hit me was how hot it was, the english summer seems to be on a break right right, we are at comfortable 60/70’s, off the plane to 85 plus humidity, groundtacticccccsssss.

Martti picked me up from the airport in his Monster van, he’s likes his marlboro smokes… We then went to meet Moto, Ikeda and Toon at one of Martti’s many flatland spots. Famous from the Kgb dvd, the floor was really compact, so very fast, slight slant. In the middle of housing estate, and art complex, so everything was cool. Really relaxed vibe, already about 15-20 riders, busting out with the ghettoblaster in full effect! Good times! First thing to notice was that Moto had a lot of new tricks! Because of his recent contest schedule I was quite surprised by this, really liked his backwards spinning xft steam (ala Yammer) pivot direct to spinning circle k, it was one of those sweet moves, I wondered why I didn’t think of that. Martti briefly took to his bike, and nailed a lovely mega spin whopper to mega spin to gliding junkyard, then like a “mind of a lunatic” rode so fast into a rolaid. So good! In between all this madness I set my bike up, and had lil’ session with the guys. Martti and myself headed to get pizza for the guys and drop my bags at his flat. Really awesome to see Martti on hometurf, totally relaxed, in his element.

4 thoughts on “Groundtactics Day One!

  1. Without intrikat no martti, i always look at you two as kinda hand in hand. Both play a pivotal role in progressive modern day flatland.

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