Groundtactics finals update!!!

Hey all. Just want to let you know that I am working on with some good people here in Finland in terms of getting Ground Tactics finals happening here in Helsinki… Maybe too early to talk about it but fuck it, I just want to let you guys know that I am onto it.
So, in Helsinki each year there is an Urban cultures festival (URB) –>
And this year 2010 they want to include flatland in it, and I said, how about if we run Ground Tactics final round here (instad of a regular flatland invitation comp) in Finland with top 6 (not confirmed) in a live finals…
They like my vision for flatland which is to show the real hardcore flatland to a new audience (because the audience at URB is pretty understanding to different type of artforms). The guy said that he would like to do it my way instead of trying to kiss the “big masses”.

So, then I threw the ball to a company who´s been organizing the biggest skate comp of Finland for about 10 years and the chief in charge is interested to start working with me to find some sponsors for the comp. I will have a meeting with him next week.

And yes, the ultimate idea is to live stream it to all of you out there who cannot make it to Helsinki. How sick would it be to see Ground Tactics final round on live on your computer or on your phone ?!?!?!?
Yes! That´s all I need. Your support which means keep on progressing…
Of course, I need to mention that nothing is confirmed. I need to find money with the people at URB and the organizer of skate events to pay flights etc. to the finalists. I cannot promise SICK prize money but hey, that is not the point of Ground Tactics. The point is to run the most HARDCORE flatland finals you ever witnessed… And me, Chad and Effraim behind the judging table. Can´t complain about that combination…

Ok, enough said for now. All I need is that you keep supporting and actually keep progressing for the sake of flatland….

Feel free to comment and get this discussion going… It all matters if you know what I mean….

7 thoughts on “Groundtactics finals update!!!

  1. Good work martti!
    This is the future, whether you choose to be onboard is done to you!
    can't wait to see how the finalists are progressing…

  2. I'm working on it! after circlecow, i will not compete any untill the second deadline for ground tactics, need and want space to progress and enjoy riding more than perform in 2min time.
    Got some new stuff going on, thanx all of you who see the origin of flatland!
    ps. you comming to circlecow effraim?

  3. No navid, not going to circle cow, bad timing with valentines day, missus would not be too stoked, next contest for me will probably be jomopro.
    Getting back to what really matters, groundtactics, this is a platform for people to show their best level, and not a contest safe run, this is what will push flatland.
    Contests of course have their place, but this is progressive.

  4. Thanks Effraim. Yeah, it was good to go to talk to someone who is outsider for flatland (at URB) but clearly understood my way of thinking and actually prefers such mind over circusmindset…
    Anyway, this whole thing to get the real live finals in Finland is not an easy task. Plus, I am not able to work on it full time either. But, all I can say it will be one heck of a competition if it happens.

  5. Haha Thats why i bring my girlfrined with me, than we'll hit the city of ''love'' at the same time, two happy people.
    I'll do my best + 1 to hit the final in May!

  6. Great stuff martti! Im sure everyone appreciates what you are doing for flatland, and can see its all for the love.

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