Groundtactics semifinals just in!

Some great entries for the Semi final round, much respect to everyone that entered. Martti just posted the results! Congrats to all the finalists!!!

1. Sam Foakes 275 points
2. Moto Sasaki 269,5 points
3. Peter Olsen 268 points
4. Takahiro Ikeda 248 points tie
4. Stephan Fabien 248 points tie
5. Toon 245 points
6. Jeromino 244 points
7. David Nagy 242 points
8. Navid Saleki 232 points
9. Remy D 223 points
10. Mastoalbi 216 points
11. Caternellis 212 points

Top 8 goes to the next final round.

Please submit NON EDITED 3 minute video clip. (Non edit means you record 3 minutes of your riding without a pausing record) we want to see consistency level of your riding. And hard tricks!

Deadline: 20th of June 2010. Clips coming in after deadline will not be judged.

Top 3 riders will be selected from those clips to REAL live finals in Helsinki, Finland on 7th of August 2010. Flights will be paid. (I will confirm this one really soon, next week) By the way, sorry for changing some of the things in the guidelines along the way. This has been a test year as we do it first time ever. Please understand… Thanks.

12 thoughts on “Groundtactics semifinals just in!

  1. what bullshit judging.
    Sam foakes is first because he was cool wih kgb.
    This is the same results from the last round.
    Fabian stephan was a million times more improved then all of them.
    Peter olsen did exactly the same tricks from his last round and gets 3rd. BULLSHIT!.
    Ground-tactics judging is bullshit. and what happened to the other guys. there was 16 riders.
    If you want to win ground-tactics
    you dont have to make original trick you can just suck marttis dick.

  2. and what about david nagy getting 7th. He made a new version of no hand halfhiker.who else does that trick? No one.

  3. T dot,

    Few things to know, the format was to have a two minute entry, not any longer, so tricks after two minutes did not count! We could judge a two minute against a 4 min part, against a seven minute part, so I tried to keep mine as consistent as possible.
    Pete Olsen brought a sick new trick to this round, the backwards rolling two footed backyard to backwards locomotive position straddle roni out i've never seen anywhere, very progressive!!
    A few guys didn't submit entries thus thats what they are not on the results list.
    Waldemar is saving his new stuff for a deep videopart…
    A lot of guys brought new tricks to this round, Moto, Sam, Pete,David Nagy (as you mentioned) and so on, progression was very high amongst almost all riders.
    Groundtactics is not a negative, it has been great for all these riders, roll on the next round.

    I can't do the no hand halfhiker variation anywhere near as good as david, but i've done that variation.I stopped doing as didn't like feel of it.

  4. It is vid vs vid, not rider vs history.

    Personally I would have restricted it to continuous filming from the start. But then again I am not part of nor qualified to judge.

    There is always one inherent issue with judging vid, the quality of the editor and equipment imparts a huge visual bias. It takes a lot of discipline to ignore it.

    Unfortunately it seems one of the largest issues (and benefit) in flatland is the lack of a standardized judging body. As such this will always open up a large contest of opinion.

    The one huge benefit of not having a judging body is that there is no trick-class bias or restrictions (disallowed tricks) that net extra (and usually unjustified) points.

    Judging is subjective to the judges, methods like the ASF method try to help mitigate issues by reducing bias. (12 judges, drop the 2 top and 2 lowest scores and average the rest, if i remember correctly)

    In the end it is the complainers who have more bias than anyone else and cause the most issues. Unfortunately, they are blind to it.

    Participants know bias is possible and accept it as a factor of competition. If it is not the judges, it is the surface, or practice time at the venue.

    Bias is a psychological subjection you allow yourself to participate in!

  5. Well I disagree with the final decisions entirely. The judges are not qualified enough to judge originality.
    Effraim is a big supporter of Sam foakes. Now hes in the judging panel.
    Is it any wonder Sam foakes is first.

    Fabian had the best tricks of this round. Babian had the most original and difficult tricks of this round. Fabian should be first place. Toons links in this round were really weak. Two tires on the ground barflips.? soft sauce.

    Takahiros style is really just a whole lot of flashiness. I guess the judges are just blinded by gimmicky riding now.


  6. I'm an easy target tdot with regard to sam, bit also on flipside I know what he can do so.., if I'm not qualified to judge originality after 26 years then what about martti, argueably one of the most original riders ever.who is qualified?? Anyone?? Flatland is obviously subjective. None of judges talked about their decisions, all scores were sent separate to martti.
    Originality comes in many forms, could be the composition and way tricks are formed for example,I agree one thing you said about toons flip both wheels on ground, but at same time fabien Stephan dropped wheels mid combo a lot, is that not lessening the degree of difficulty, where you have sam who cuts our any deadtime there's very little room for error.
    We could talk about this for days. But based on my 26 years riding, and broad base of tricks I've learnt over that time and knowledge of sport, I feel my opinion is justfied ad anyone. I even been told more than once I know too much.
    Fabien seemed stoked on results also! I'm sure with experience his riding will become more refined he has a bright future, which groundtactics has helped expose.

  7. lol, Mazar, you are funny.

    Where was your entry?

    Real recognize real, and you ain't looking familiar homie.

    PS: I miss you! xoxoxo

    – Prasheel

  8. lol prasheel.
    actually this isnt mazar but its someone you know very well. guess who?
    think back to Amsterdam Brewery.

  9. hello,
    First I want to say that I have a very great respect for all judges
    but if I made a video of two minutes because he falait make videos on any progress and it is the figures I learned after my first videos
    of any custom so I'm really happy and I still have other figures for the new videos ,,,,, ps, sorry for my English
    bye Fabien

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