Groundtactics update!!

Yesterday I flew to Helsinki Finland, for the groundtactics/worlds weekend, Martti picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to one of his many riding spots. The weather is great! I instantly recognised the basketball spot from the kgb video, Moto, Ikeda and Toon were already there practising for tommorows main event, the locals had a small soundsystem that made for a great vibe. So much awesome stuff went down, good to see these guys riding outside the contest environment.

Martti of course gave a lil reminder, like “hey guys im still here! “Mega spin to whopper mega spin to gliding junkyard,amongest a lot of other stuff after the session to another spot to hang out with a few beers, Martti then took us all on a sightseeing tour of his riding spots, its amazing how many good spots within close riding distance he has!

The groundtactics final will today at 5pm Finland time, log onto Martti’s facebook for the live stream. If you miss it I’m sure MK will be making an edit of the day.

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