3 thoughts on “Günter Mats – 29/12/2019

  1. Big fan of THIS cat ! Loving that he OPPOSITE whiplashed into a SWITCH staple gun roll , X- leg stepped over …..to the friggin HAAAAAAARRD version of the PEDAL steam , REGULAR handed ! Seem like all your weight would just be killing your arm , cause youre further away from the bars ! The fact that he just hoists his frame , from ALREADY rolling on the PEDAL , to a FRAME stance wheel chair …..THATS rad ! THEN , he steps back over the frame , ROLLS a FRAME stance steam , bars BIG , at THAT ……….kinda cowboy jams the tire as he hoisting the frame , back around AGAIN , to another FRAME stance wheelchair !! TOO technical , and its also refreshing , being that ya really DONT see a lot of brakeless riding like Gunters ! Cant wait to see MORE ! Gracias for sharing THIS , Effraim . RE-watching it made my morning ! Mats SHOULD try his hand @ M.O.C. 2020 , if Martti does another round …………..

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