2 thoughts on “Gurvan Le Bloc’h – Quest BMX Video Contest

  1. SON OF A B+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++AKERYS DOZEN DOUGHNUTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17 ????!!!!! THREE YEARS of RIDING ?????!!!!!!! GUESS what I could do at 17 years old ???!!!!!!! NOT A F+++++++++++++#####%%%%@@@REAKIN THING !!!!!!! YOOOOOUUU RIP MAN !!! TURBINED side packers , BEHIND the back/reach time machines , SO STYLISH that one !!!!! Ice cream / grip/foot grab -NO HANDED SPINS , cross left -inside, x over leg/ SWITCH direction/ to cross right spin -lung -DROP to swtch hand steam , fire haul DIRECTLY to SPINNING hiker , X-UP KICKLESS mega to lung spin /pivot/ cross left -ONE HANED – STYLISH ice cream spin -DROPPED TO pumping ice cream , pulled up to forward rope/BIKE FLIP to frame/leg hang / bars spinning- spin !!!!!!! Cross left KICKLESS mega turbines to LEAP land in cross left fire haul to BANG OUT/END your entry !!!!! DONT stop shredding man !!! YOURE ON THE RIGHT PATH !!!!!!!!!!!!

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