4 thoughts on “Hanoi in Vietnam

  1. Yes! this clip is so old haha when I was in Vietnam
    I wore the red shirt doing mc circles at 4:13 haha. Really nice to see this on here!

  2. Hey Nat,

    Saigon guys didn’t know about this clip – They just saw it recently too. It can’t be that old because Duc Ken is still riding the green St Martin. Anyway, it’s still cool. If there’s more clips like this then you gotta send them to Effraim so that other people in the World can enjoy them too.



  3. hey I will put a video with footages together and send it to you real soon Effraim !
    Btw, Duc Ken got his green WTP Synus stolen like last October after meeting you in Saigon, and he has been riding a grey St Martin class X2 I sent him this May 🙂

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