Happy Birthday Stephan Hearn!

Stephen Hearn – Create – Neon Media – 2006 from One Love BMX on Vimeo.

Thanks to Shayne Khajehnoori for sending in this treat of a section!

“To commemorate Stephen “Dirty” Hearn’s birthday today, I am posting Stephen’s video section from Neon Media’s “Create.” Stephen was 20 years old when he filmed this section, and it was all filmed in under one hour. Skills. Happy Birthday Dirty!”

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Stephan Hearn!

  1. So much elegance in this – I love it.

    His trick bag is a seemingly complete multi-dimensional matrix of Hitch/Back, direction (forward / backward), footing (cross / straight), pivot, g-turn.

    He hits every permutation in this video. Dude is like a encyclopedia. So friggin’ awesome.

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