High Rollers 6: Journey / 1997

Pure gold from the archives right here, I haven’t watched this one in years. Looking forward to sitting down with a cuppa and watching this gem courtesy of the Snakebite BMX! Highrollers 6 is not to be missed, great soundtrack and great riding from Canadian shredders, Jason Brown R.I.P, Jamie Macintosh, Andrew Paris and more mixed in with straight up BMX!

One thought on “High Rollers 6: Journey / 1997

  1. Such a rad BMX film , watching it NEVER gets old …….got in on V.H.S. , haha ! Mostly all disciplines of BMX ridden / represented well in this , TONS of dope riders , TIMES 7 . My favorite rider in this classic ?! What can I say………JASON BROWN r.i.p. ,all damn day !! Bars big PEDAL tomahawk spin , MID-LINE …….WITH a decade to PEDALS ! Also that SLLLAAAMMMED DOWN combo in the credits , all his original bar flips , switches , transitions , laced up with a STYLISH x-up rocket stall exit !!

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