7 thoughts on “Hirokazu Miura – Forget What You Heard

  1. My god , this cat hasn’t let up ONE bit ! First time I saw him ride was in a battle vs Viki at a K.O.G. in 2008 ………………His level of difficulty , added with his liquid flow is SEEEEZZZZEED beyond belief , I was watching his part , like 5 inches away from my screen …….yelling…..

  2. That classic Miura click-click-boom machine gun backwheel style! No turbine/time machine filler, all bomb switches and sick rideouts… timeless stuff!

  3. To think we were in the era, where there wasn’t as much backwheel links, but many favouring the front wheel, & in the last few years the back wheel has really taken off, for me is great. I used to think not many people were doing a lot on the back wheel. Who would’ve thought riders would win contests that only did back wheel links, at least from what I’ve seen. I really appreciate the talent they’ve got.

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