Hirokazu Miura – KOG Round 2 2007

Following yesterdays Hiroya Morizaki vs Sam Foakes KOG post from 2008, Hirokazu Miura’s name came up in a comment from Yoshi. The first 2:20 is full of some of the most stylish pivots from one of the most stylish cats to ever ride flatland, Miura is a legend. Does anyone know if he still rides? Any recent footage anyone? I thought I saw some footage around a year ago, I will have to dig around when I have some more time.

3 thoughts on “Hirokazu Miura – KOG Round 2 2007

  1. I had forgotten about this guy.
    He has always been a huge influence on my riding.
    Style for miles…
    Thanks for posting E!

  2. Yup, Miura is the man. Like a damn machine gun with those switches! I know there’s all kinds of new school philosophical debates on kicking the tire being a style killer, but if tire kicks and quick scuffs are taking someone through trick lines like these, I could give a fk. lol

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