Hiroya Morizaki – 20th Anniversary for riding BMX

Sit down with your morning cuppa and make sure you don’t miss this fantastic retrospective through 20 years of Hiroya Morizaki riding BMX and more specifically flatland of course. That goes through his years on Quamen/Dig-it, then onto Ares Bykes! Hiroya is a beast, so much good stuff in this! Thanks Taichi Kunieda for this! Hopefully Hiroya Morizaki is around for another 20 years!

8 thoughts on “Hiroya Morizaki – 20th Anniversary for riding BMX

  1. That might be one of the best edits of the year. Hiro has always kind of flown under the radar in my opinion. For how many bangers he has invented he should go down as one of the legends for sure.

  2. Still trying to figure out how he didn’t win entry to Battle for the Rockies, whip, jump, turbine repeat, Nobody can ride his style! One the best.

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