Hisato Yamashiro wins C3 Jam in Nagoya

The C3 Jam in Nagoya, Japan this weekend was plagued with rain, but that didn’t stop everyone from having a great time. By the look of the videos on facebook, everyone got stuck to dry the floor with towels when there was a break in the weather and made this happen! Congratulations to Hisato Yamashiro, Shinichiro Hara and Yorihisa Shiota who took the top 3 podium spots in the Open class. Hopefully some video soon from this event….

Open class
1- Hisato Yamashiro
2-Shinichiro Hara
3-Yorihisa Shiota

Expert class
1-Takumi Isogai
3-Shunsuke Komatsu

Novice class
1-Yuki Shinkawa
2-Takuya Hanyuu
3-Shiyuu Orikawa

Hit up bekko’s blog for more photos from the jam:


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