Hoffman OKC Contest 1995

Filmed on location, OKC, Oklahoma, September 95
Nikola Olic, Jason Brown, Dennis McCoy, Trevor Meyer, Chad Degroot, Albert Retey, Sean Peters..

Awesome footage, stoked on Trevors tomahawk on the pedal, that still hard now!! What do you think of this?

Flatland Flashback! Hoffman BS Series ’95 from T/n/m/ Group on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Hoffman OKC Contest 1995

  1. Trevor owned this comp, whiplashes around the bars elephant glide whips, tomahawks on pedals… and sooooooo consistent!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not entirely sure if this was McCoys last flatland comp, pretty sure he did a few here and there after, wasnt he at the scrap finals after this round that year, have a tape of that somewhere…
    In answer to juan's question, Jason Brown just seemed to disappear, his Redline deal fell through and struggled with sponsors and just seemed to quit just like that, that may be wrong, just what i saw from a distance, and Sean peters, I have no idea about, his pedal spinning circle k's….

  3. Yeah Sean Peters spinning pedal circle k's sick trick.Yeah the BS finals at Scrap in Chicago that was 93 and 94 in 95 the finals were in Florida DMC may have ridden them 23mag.com is good research site.

  4. STUNTMEN FLAT : 1.Trevor Meyer 2.Jason Brown 3.Sean Peters 4.Michael Steingraber

    The finals in Florida BS 1995 DMC may of entered .

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