HOMAGE: Colin Smith and his videos

A new section to flatmatters, where I will be “homage” to riders and filmers who have helped progress the scene, influencing the past and present to this day.
That quiet lad from the Shetland islands who would always be at all the main events (1997-2000) with video camera glued to all the riding, Colin Smith was a flatland enthusiast who made his mark on the flatland world without probably even realising it, his videos stand the test of the time to this day, A Breed Apart was perhaps his most popular video, not to forget A way to enlarge time, and SOB.
Colin helped capture an “era” of riding that was golden. All his videos contain a healthy mix of contest footage and practise footage, also lot of privatre sessions. If you havent seen any of his videos, take a look at these, and even if you have, memories!!
Colin always had that knack of being in the right place at the right time,I miss the days of recieving videos/dvds full of un edited unused footage from Colin. Much respect due.

“I liked the music of his videos. I also liked the fact that they had contest footage mixed in with hardcore session clips. I can remember watching those VHS tapes until they were so worn out they would almost not even play.”
Terry Adams

A Way To Enlarge Time from colin smith on Vimeo.

A Breed Apart flatland video 1998 from colin smith on Vimeo.

“My first experience of Colin Smiths work was A Breed Apart. What an inspiring vid. For me the video was all about a good vibe and most notably the explosive progression of Martti in 98, post army. All of Colin’s work is great quality and he always seems to capture the best riding from any event – you can count on that. Thanks Colin for your commitment to the sport, and for making a funny noise when Martti pulled a pedal deathtruck to pedalling time machine.Ohhh yeaaaah. Hopefully it wont be another 5 years before I see you again!”
Sam Foakes

SOB flatland video from colin smith on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “HOMAGE: Colin Smith and his videos

  1. its similar footage on my trickstars 1 vid which was where i first saw flat, phil on his blue tao and nippers martti and nathan on matching quamens

  2. " CLASSICS" all of them the way a bike video should be Colin gets props from me for sure , i got S.O.B. on disc from a download may have to watch it later .

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